Being Bruce -: Smithfield's Leland Ribbon-Cutting - August 12 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Smithfield's Leland Ribbon-Cutting - August 12 2009

Yesterday in Leland, North Carolina Smithfield's Chicken 'n Bar-B-Q restaurant in the Waterford commercial area had a ribbon-cutting by the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce.

As expected, especially when ribbon-cuttings are held in restaurants, NBCC members turned out in force!

Smithfield's served a marvelous concoction called Brunswick Stew which you gotta try to understand. As East Carolina Bank's Susan Cruse and Brian Hartzell (both below) will tell you, it was outstanding!

NBM magazine's Justin Williams (better known, as you know, as Ava Grace's father), was on hand with his blue shirt and a big smile. Dana Fisher and Brenda Bozeman are getting used to my incessant photo taking at these events.

Roy Lateri (in the spiffy visor), Charlie Rivenbark, NBCC President George Murray, and Smithfield's Vice Present Brian Cheshire. Ken and Gina Schiess and Smithfield's Supervisor Felicia Malpass.

Monica Clark (in red) and Sheila Hanby.

Clarence Hayes, with Mary Bennies in the background.

Frank Williams and Jamie Shoemaker.
Ken Schiess, Smithfield's President Michael Musselwhite, Terry Grillo, and Bob Baer.
Bob Baer walking to get in a good position while Sheila Hanby on the left and George Murray on the right do the ribbon holding honors.
All smiles before the cut.
Brian cut the ribbon and we all smiled.
We'd seen the cake inside.
Felicia Malpass served the cake. It was so good some of us (pointing a finger at myself) had two pieces.
Another fun ribbon-cutting in the Land of Abundance, better known as L.A.