Being Bruce -: Wilmington Professional Group - August 12, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wilmington Professional Group - August 12, 2009

Andrea and Brian Anderson threw another super successful Wilmington Professional Group event Wednesday August 12th at Wilmington Kitchens in the Galleria Mall.

Kerri Kemfert Davis checks in with Brian and Andrea.

Michael Byrd and Arian Kelley Ann and Ezel Willard

Jennifer Frati, Project Designer with Wilmington Kitchens

Julian McKinney, Senior Designer and General Manager with Wilmington Kitchens

Kerri Kemfert Davis, Barbara Nicely, and Arian Kelley

Maggie Apel
Kerri Kemfert Davis and Stuart Ward Brian, Andrea, and Arian

Donna May of Party Lite and Michael Byrd.