Being Bruce -: Moxie Floral Studios - Flowers as Art!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moxie Floral Studios - Flowers as Art!

If you're just looking for a bunch of flowers, or a plant in a plain pot, maybe you oughta go elsewhere.

However, (drum roll, please) if you seek a piece of living art for your home, office, or as a knock-em-silly gift for yourself or someone else and you're fortunate to live in the Wilmington, North Carolina area, get yourself to 116-A Princess Street in downtown Wilmington and check out Moxie Floral Design Studio.

Marge, our son Peter, and I visited Moxie this week and were blown away!

Our friend Cynthia Lee was one of the first people we met when we moved to Wilmington in the end of 2003. We'd lost touch but this summer discovered that Cynthia, the owner/manager of Moxie Floral Studio had opened the studio with her friend Djenana Ninkovic. Moxie caught my attention when Cynthia and Djenana were a showcased vendor at the first Downtowner's Meet & Mingle at Front Street Brewery.

Cynthia Lee her own fine self is in the photo below at the reception desk. You can tell right off this isn't yer grandma's normal shop - unless Granny is multo-cool. Just check out the dynamic, dramatic visual art in the studio.
Cynthia in the working section of the studio (Marge in the background).
Djenana at work with her usual contagious smile.
The sign on the top of the studio's finished display refrigerator is great advice!
Marge in front of Moxie decorating the street sign.
A two rose bouquet Djenana gave Marge (photographed next door at The Shoe Diva, another downtown store worth a trip all by itself).
Marge, Cynthia, and Djenana.
A mantle display.
Peacocks anyone?
One of several gorgeous large vase ensembles. Can't you see that in your office corner? Yeah, you DESERVE cool art on display - call now!
Another dramatic vase.
You can always call Moxie Floral Design Studio at (910)202-2695 or toll free at 888-5MOXIE. You can e-mail Cynthia directly at, or even go to the web site But, the best advice is to show up in person and check out the latest designs at this floral showcase.