Being Bruce -: Pepper goes to Leland's National Night Out

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pepper goes to Leland's National Night Out

Tuesday afternoon Pepper and I went to Leland's National Night Out event. Organized by Corporal Robert Ernst of the Leland Police Department, the local event was held in the pavilion area behind Leland Town Hall and was coincided with thousands of communities nationwide for the “26th Annual National Night Out” (NNO) against crime and drugs. There were lots of families with kids present, with food, music, dance and martial arts demonstrations, and booths set up by various community organizations and companies.

Pepper had just been groomed that day so she and I headed out to check it out. First stop we went to the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce booth (where we were on duty from 7-7:30). As you can see below, Pepper got into her posing gig immediately. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Terry Grillo is behind the table.

Next we went to say hello to our friends at Asset Storage. They were there but didn't want to compete with Pepper in a photo. So Pepper took the opportunity to rest (It was a pretty hot day).
Pepper also chilled out in from of the Just for Dogs Gourmet food booth and, wouldn't you know it, she was rewarded with some sample treats.
We had a nice time, met some nice people, and finally, after a long day of grooming (where the staff reportedly wanted to kidnap Pepper) and people meeting, Pepper went home and meditated about her day.