Being Bruce -: Networking Event Tip #23 - Be a Papparazzi Poster!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Networking Event Tip #23 - Be a Papparazzi Poster!

In Tip#19 I suggested you take photos at business networking events, in #20 I wrote about including them in blogs, and in #22 I encouraged you to use social media for info about events you attend. This tip goes one step further.

Assuming that you have some good images (by which I mean they are well-composed, focused and well-exposed and that they're complimentary to the subjects (don't ever put a nasty looking photo of someone online, it hurts them and hurts you, too), then post away online.

When I take photos at an event after I get back to my office I quickly go through the batch (I shoot a lot and usually only 20-30% are useable - in part I shoot fast so I won't bug people to which end I seldom ask people to pose or do more than just maybe look at the camera and smile). After I end up with one or a couple of dozen "keepers" I look at each on in a photo editor (usually and crop, enhance lightly (usually increasing the contrast a bit) and often add just a bit of fill lighting. Then I'm ready. Another step that can add to convenience later and may help with search engine optimization is to change the usual numeric image number to a long name full of key words, but I typically don't spend that much time.

I post the photos on my blog in an entry about the blog, but I also typically will put them, or at least some of them, in a minimum of two other places. I create an album for the event in Facebook upload the photos and then tag in each photo as many people as I reasonably can - it's amazing how quickly so many people will find their photos in my albums on Facebook - also I've found that sometimes people find the event and tag themselves, or others will do it, which in my view is all good.

I also will use TwitPic to post the best photos - I have my TwitPic account setup to automatically post images to Twitter and to Facebook, so some of the photos show up twice on Facebook, but no one has complained yet.

Occasionally I'll also put the photos on local social media networking sites - often known as Ning sites, these sites can get a lot of local exposure and photos uploaded are always appreciated.

So shoot, publish, and post from networking events. It helps others, it's not too time-consuming, and it can surely help your business as well.

This post is one in a series on how to make the most of in-person networking events. If you're going to go (and I suggest you do if your business benefits from relationships), you might as have the most fun possible and give and receive the greatest benefits from the occasion.

If you know want to know about upcoming business networking events in the greater Wilmington Area [which means to me anywhere from Topsail Island, NC to North Myrtle Beach, SC], check out David Merrill's Networking Event Calendar . And if you know of or are planning a networking event you'd like included in the calendar, e-mail David at