Being Bruce -: February 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bob Jenkins' SIMPLE 10K - Day 2

The second day of SIMPLE 10K was probably even more full of great info than Day One.

Bob stated off by showing us a whale vertebra and it took off from there!

Screen caster extraordinaire and Camtasia guru Lon Naylor was everywhere with his Flip HD Ultra during the weekend. When he gave his presentation on using video and screencasting for information product and service business Internet marketing we were entertained, informed and certainly engaged!

Matt Davis of LifeStage Videography and his crew continued to film every moment of the weekend.

Dvorah Lansky and Erica Cominsky.

Felicia Slattery and Rick Angel.

Matt Davis.

Marge Brown

Yeah, that's me.

Bob Lampard and Mary Ann D'Ambrosio

Michelle Schoen and Bob Jenkins.

Lots more to come this weekend. We are looking forward to the rest of the seminar and the followup after that's part of this impressive program.

For more info on SIMPLE 10K, including audio files and transcripts AND the next program, SIMPLE II in early Fall 2010, click this link or go to

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bob the Teacher's SIMPLE 10K in Wilmington, NC

Bob Jenkins, aka "Bob the Teacher", held his SIMPLE 10K 3-day seminar in Wilmington, NC. Students, speakers and staff came from two continents and three countries to learn Bob's clearly laid out, SIMPLE, Intenet information marketing system and to connect with like-minded folks on joint ventures. This post includes photos from the first day of the event.

We gathered at the Riverside Hilton for breakfast, registration and meeting new folks.

This guy, Kevin Lampard and his dad came the farthest, from London, U.K.

Marge Brown and Kevin's dad, Bob.

Much of the day was video taped and photographed by Bob Jenkin's team.

Erica Cominsky and my buddy Melissa Galt from Atlanta.

These two guys look somewhat alike. They had just met. During the day we discovered they took turns being funnier than the other. Lots of laughs during this long day.

Many of the folks here already knew each other.

Getting ready to start.

Rick Angel and Dvorah Lansky.

Leland's Matt Davis and his crew of Lifestage Videography are filming the entire event.

Debbie O'Grady.

At the end of the Day Bob and several experts and presenters in the room fielded questions.

Lon Naylor and Bob Jenkins.

We all went to the 3rd floor Beam Room at Front Street Brewery in the evening for dinner and continued networking and getting to know each other. Here's Kay Kinder.

It was a long day, starting at 7:30AM and continuing past 9PM at Front Street Brewery. In a couple hours it starts again. I'm pumped!

For more info on SIMPLE 10K, including audio files and transcripts AND the next program, SIMPLE II in early Fall 2010, click this link or go to

Friday, February 26, 2010

540 Kennedy Circle Open House and Staging Unveiling

Randy Larson of East Coast Staging and Re-Design and Leslie Morgan of the Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty Leland office are pleased and excited to unveil the winner of Randy's Biggest Winner home staging contest.

This great house, locate at 540 Kennedy Circle in Boiling Springs Lakes, NC will be open Sunday, February 28th from 1-4PM.

For more information, call Leslie at 910-599-0094 or email or Randy Larson at 910-619-1746 or