Being Bruce -: Marge and Bruce Do It Downtown on a Sunday Afternoon

Monday, February 22, 2010

Marge and Bruce Do It Downtown on a Sunday Afternoon

This past Sunday Marge and I went to downtown Wilmington to explore and find some new shops and people. We were not disappointed and had a great time. I hope you enjoy the shots we took.

Marge took the shot below just inside the entrance to Front Street Brewery. I was wearing my Do It Downtown Wilmington button.

Joseph Seyoum's Gourmet Market at 27 N. Front Street.

Joseph Seyoum's inside the Gourmet Market at 27 N. Front Street.

Another shot inside Gourmet Market.

Marge buying an awesome brownie at Gourmet Market.

Walking up Princess Street, we saw this sign. Where else but Wilmington can you get Pink Pig Benedict.

The Pink Pig Cafe.

This sign proves that there is indeed "lots" of parking in downtown Wilmington.

I took this playbill photo in the window of The Catch restaurant on Princess Street and later saw I was in the photo.

A cool standalone building houses The Copper Penny.

Next we went to The Cotton Exchange. Here's Marge giving a queen wave on one of the patios.

Here's another view of the same patio.

We spent quite a while in The Golden Gallery , a family owned gallery that opened in 1977 and still displays almost exclusively art created by family members.

Another shot in The Golden Gallery. Here's what it says on their website, "The Golden Gallery was started way back in 1977, as a way for Mary Ellen Golden to sell her watercolors and limited edition reproductions and the music of her folksinger/storyyteller husband, John C. Golden. A few years after the gallery opened, their son, John W. Golden, began to create artwork of his own and sell it in the gallery."

Marge took this shot of me standing in front of a cabinet full of work by Mary Ellen Golden. We love her work.

I spied this DoItDown sign on the counter and had to take the shot. When I realized the mirror was there I took a second shot (shown here) with me in the mirror.

I'm nuts about John Golden's mini triptych work.Very cool.

This work is by Connor Croom and his mom Caryn. Connor is an artistic autistic young man and painting makes him happy and aids his communication. Connor's work is on display at The Golden Gallery.

Another of Connor and Caryn Croom's works.

Inside Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts, also in The Cotton Exchange.

Sara Westermark, featured artist in Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts.

This is Louise Giordano. Okay it's not really Louise, but it is her work, on display at Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts in The Cotton Exchange!

More amazing work in Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts.

Chris Metz. Okay, this isn't really Chris Metz, either, but the shelves are from his company, Old Growth Riverwood. This display is in Crescent Moon, a fine art glass shop in The Cotton Exchange. Notice the Do It Downtown sign.

Did you know you can pay for parking with your phone in Wilmington?

Wilimington Riverwalk on a mid February Sunday afternoon.

The USS North Carolina across the Cape Fear River.

A sail boat sets out.

One way to get around downtown Wilmington, NC is by horse drawn carriage.

Looking north along the Riverwalk and Cape Fear River.

Looking south along the Riverwalk and the Cape Fear River.

Here's another way to get around town. And it's free!

The Firebelly Lounge wasn't open, but this courtyard is inviting.

Another fun day in Downtown Wilmington.