Being Bruce -: April 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017

Adult ADHD Unplugged: Who, What, and Why

Welcome to Adult ADHD Unplugged! We're glad you're here.

Our blog, our website, our Facebook page, and our Youtube video channel are all focused on the same general theme: Adult ADHD awareness.

We want to share what we continue to learn in the areas of personal development, productivity, and improved relationships. When we learn new strategies, we want to pass them on. We want to hear other peoples' stories and strategies, too.

We are not going to be all "teach-y." We want to share our stories with people in this online community we're calling Adult ADHD Unplugged.

So please join us. If this community sounds like it could help in some way, then please follow this blog, go to our website to sign up for our newsletter, "like" and "follow" our Facebook page, and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

If you're wondering if you might have Adult ADHD yourself, follow this link for the same free online Adult ADHD Self-Assessment I took when I wondered about it myself.