Being Bruce -: May 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Good morning Memorial Day May 31 2010

Observance of Memorial Day, southeastern North Carolina butt-covering weather forecasts, and announcement of Marge's latest book on vocabulary development.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bruce's Good Morning with a Bonus Idea

What if you woke up every day and thought about the day before and said, "Wow, what a wonderful day!"? Wouldn't that be cool?

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Starfish Story

Loren Eisley's "The Starfish Story" is meaningful to me because it's about making a difference, one act at a time. This video is my retelling of "The Starfish Story".

Good morning!

This is going to be another activity-packed day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good morning on May 27th!

It's another great day in Southeastern North Carolina as we head into Memorial Weekend. Consider that the only time you can ever get anything done, whether it's work or play, for yourself or others, is RIGHT NOW!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good morning and good day, May 26th

What a great day today is, already! With lots more to come.

Rebecca and Brian's Re-Wedding

On May 25, 1990 Rebecca and Brian Moxey were married. In a church. With a big reception. With family and friends.

On May 25, 2010 they recommitted to their vows. In a somewhat different way.

It was a total surprise to Rebecca and to their daughter Hannah.

Everything is ready.

Rebecca, Brian, and Hannah arriving (still outside).

Rebecca, Brian, and Hannah with Lilly Spencer (daughter of Melanie and Sean Spencer, the owners of BikeCycles).

We all went to O.C. for a great meal and celebration.

Melanie Spencer gave a toast.

Wilmington Mayor Billy Saffo came over to congratulate Rebecca and Brian.

Hannah Moxey and Mayor Billy Saffo.

From left to right and front to back : Brian Causey, Erin Greene, Mike Jones, Grant Myers, Brook Harvey, Tag Spencer, Marge Brown, Sean Spencer, Sami Winter, Bruce Brown, Hannah Moxey, Rebecca Moxey, Charlie George, Lilly Spencer, Brian Moxey, Melanie Spencer

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Harness a Lightning Bolt

Are you ready? Is your business ready for a huge boost?

Are you ready? Is your business ready for a huge boost? This video is a special invitation to a short-term, intense coaching program called Harness a Lightning Bolt. The program is based on Marge and Bruce Brown's Passions Lead to Profit system. My direct, personal phone number is included on a slide in this video - your success is important to me and if you are ready to make extraordinary progress in your business, call me and let's get started.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Premonition and Vision Boards

Yesterday I had two wonderful experiences late in the day, on top of an already full, fun, and fulfilling daytime.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good morning, May 20th

My Adventure with Dancing with the Brunswick Stars - Journal Entry 9 - Our Fifth Practice

If you've been following this blog/journal about preparations for Dancing with the Brunswick Stars, you might already guess what Dancing Pro Kimberly Boggs was saying when I took the photo below:

"Come ON, Bruce, you've got to work with me here!", says Kim (quite often).

Check us out as we work hard at practice this week:

And of course, we just might change direction from "Dancing with Swords." Here are our current thoughts on the matter:

Mine first (only because Kim insists):

And Kim's:

I guess the jury (really meaning Kim, because she's in charge) is still out on The Minuet.

And in case you haven't heard about it before, Dancing with the Brunswick Stars is a serious, big deal fund raiser for Brunswick Community College. This year will be the third and final year of this event. Last year they raised more than $330,000 in scholarship money for students at BCC, so you can see this is a pretty big event. The actual event will be held August 6th, but you can go to the website today to vote, buy tickets, or even become a sponsor for the event.

Check out this website with photos of Stars and Pros for Dancing with the Brunswick Stars.

And here's a ballot for voting for Star/Pro combinations. Feel free to print it and vote (hint).

Brown - out!

Brunswick County Resort Maps Ribbon Cutting

One of the newest members of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce had a ribbon cutting in May. Brunswick County Resort Maps is the company and owners Peter and Mary Kurki are in the center of the photo below.

Scott and Board Member Connie Reeves.

Connie Reeves with newly elected board member Ken Schiess, Executive Director Dana Fisher, and new board member Alice Razzano.

Newly elected board members Peggy O'Leary and Terry Grillo.

Ken Schiess with new board member Jamie Shoemaker.

Mary and Peter Kurki talk with Scott Schmidt of Carolina Creations Landscaping.

Alice with Susan Rivenbark and Dana.

NBCC volunteer Anne Donovan.

East Carolina Bank's Susan Cruse and Miriam Lee.

Peter with NBCC Board Member Jeff Harvell.

Mary and Peter Kurki.

Mary Kurki.

(Photos by Marge Brown)