Being Bruce -: Being Bruce Thoughts and Inspirations

Being Bruce Thoughts and Inspirations

"I'm not sure of my final destination in this life, but I will do my best to take the best roads."

"Listening to every question, thought and whim gets you nowhere. Sticking with a conscious decision can take you anywhere."

"Embrace this day. It won't be back."

"Whether you act or do nothing may seem of little consequence to yourself, but can make all the difference for others."

"Enter new stages of life at will, it's your choice. As you enter, check your ego at the door, but keep your purpose with you."

"It's almost perilously easy to overrule your physical senses. When others complain of the heat, think and speak of shivering."

"However you decide, once you've decided, stick to it. That's called commitment."

"Pick up your cards and play the game. There's no re-deal in life. Over time good players win with the cards they're dealt."

"A lesson I get to learn over and over: When excited about something, is it enthusiasm or ego? If it's ego, back it off a bit."

"If you'd like life easy, but think it should be hard; no worries. Right choices are easy, but the actual 'doing' can be hard."

"Life boils down to one question and one answer. What will you ask of yourself? How will you answer?"

"The best thing you ever can do for yourself is to do your best for someone else."

"When you're not sure, follow your intuition. Intuition is your superior supplemental perception system - trust it."

"First, last, and any time you need a boost, go to Gratitude - the 'mother' of emotions and a fast healer in times of stress."

“Imagine how much you could accomplish, how much good you could do, if you were relaxed and focused even 10% of the time."

"To experience the fullest power of your mind and intuition, focus only on the present moment, not past or future moments."

"World changes become background when you hold true to your values and beliefs and take positive action in the present moment."

"Each word you choose resonates further than you can expect. Be free with positive expression; otherwise cautious."

"Decisiveness is good, if it comes from the heart. If your decision is based on thoughts (yours or others), check your heart."

"An open mind makes it easier to open your heart. When your heart and mind are open, your soul smiles."

"It's OK to overestimate your ability and opportunity to help others. The truth is you can always do more. And that's OK, too."

"If we each bring a drop of gratitude, we can all surf the waves."

"Pay close attention to moments of joy today. What happens today will change your life."

"Do you wish a life of joy? The easiest, most honest path to joy is to live it each moment. To wait or plan for it is harder."

"Every deliberate act of joy yields a least three moments of joy for the doer: the moments of decision, action, and memory."

"The sparkling joy of new friendship is enriched with the discovery of ways to provide service."

"Look back to successes and lessons. Look forward to dreams and goals. Let your past and future add power to RIGHT NOW."

"Take joy in the company you find. Most early mornings my first company are a frog, a garden spider, and my dog."

"Expect people will be kind and it will improve your chances. Expect less kindness and that too will be more likely."

"Your simple choice: struggle through your moments in resistance to inner conflict or surrender in awe and joy."

“There’s really only one essential decision - the decision to choose. Once you truly choose, then do what's necessary."

"Thanks for the great day! I'm totally stoked about today's plans and psyched about what may show up unexpected. Repeat daily."

"Whether you think this a one act play or just one in an endless performance, bring all your focus and passion to the stage."

"My body aches slightly. My mind tries to figure it out. My heart finds joy amid slight sadness. My soul soars the universe."

"Every breath is a gift, but that's just the start. Be open and ready to receive and you will have as much as you can handle."

“I invite you to boldness. Think bold, be bold, live bold."

"It's not 'wrong' to stay 'safe' and not venture to express your unique greatness, but it seems a bit sad and wasteful to me."

A little bit of Zen and a whole lotta rock and roll! Good morning, life! GAR! (Gratitude, Attitude, and Readiness!)

“Living life all out with days full, this blogger is falling behind. Looking forward to catching up, but, my, ain't life grand?”

"Life is an unlimited buffet of choices, but some defeat their own success with endless study and analysis."

"The 'state of mind' I choose to live in has a 'little bit of Zen and a whole lotta rock and roll'."

"You can't always choose your location, but you always can choose your 'state of mind'."

"When faced with apparently equal choices, trust your intuition. Clear your mind and seek the choice that 'feels' brighter."

Gratitude, Attitude, and Readiness = my formula for an amazing life. Shake your head like a lion and roar, "GAR"!

"My spirit and mind soar through the stars. My eyes focus on the path my feet are walking."

"Learn by observing how you handle big wins & big failures. If you live w/out sense of purpose, wins & losses are tougher."

“There are just enough hours in the day and night. We all have the same amount. How we use them is a choice.”

"What a bore it would be, and a waste, if we were all alike. Excel at being yourself, not a mediocre copy of anyone else."

"Want to win? Fill your days with people you love to be with, activities you love to do, and subjects you love to focus on."

"I am so looking forward to right now."

"May your Monday be just as much if not more fun than your Saturday."

"I'm powerfully persuaded that positive people prevail! Yes!!"

“Friends look out for friends. Without notice and without a lot of thought; it's automatic.”

“Listening to the sounds of a dog breathing is a great meditation/relaxation aid. It helps the dog, too.”

“There are moments that only can be unstuck with a handful of double stuffed Oreos. I am grateful for so much, adding double-stuffed Oreos to the list.”

"There is no responsibility to create your own reality, nor to focus on joy and service. It's a choice. And the biggest win."

"Even blissful joy benefits from contrast."

"For the great favors received yesterday, thank you. For the small favors I performed in return, thank you even more."

"If you want to jump away from something bad, look inside & learn. If you want to jump toward something good, go for it!"

"Our coffee-maker's on/off button just broke off. It made the last pot as good as the first. It served us well. Thank you."

"My reality continues to be a fun, busy, interesting time with wonderful people. I expect and experience it just that way."

"Good or bad, helpful or hurtful, exciting or boring, every moment in my life was essential to being who I am in this moment."

"Sleep when your body asks for it, not when 'you should'. When life's excitement awakens you, jump up and answer the call."

“Shake your head and roar like a lion: "GAR"! G is for Gratitude. A is for Attitude. R is for Readiness. Feels good & it works!”

"Everything you need, you already have. Everything you seek, you already know. The journey is a discovery of unfolding."

"There's so much going on here lately, it's like Costco & Sam’s Club worked together on a grand opening for Golden Corral."

"Personal computers are marvelous empowerment tools. Secondarily, they are consistent humility machines."

"This or something better." A great way to anticipate every next moment.

“Guilt serves only itself. Responsibility serves us all.”

“Denial; Reaction Formation; Projection. Forget about intervening with others, take notice of your own processes.”

“’Simple truths’ is redundant. Truth is never complex.”

“Don't seek beauty, allow yourself to see it.”

“Take a few days to ponder the meanings of ‘Let It Be.’ Not the lyrics, just the title.”

"If Clarity, Purity, and Beauty entered the room at the same time, could you tell the difference? Would you care?"

"Each day I pause at my keyboard to welcome inspiration. I just felt a HUGE wave of Gratitude. Thank you for reading."

"I was raised & taught to respect thought & words, & I do. But heart, emotion, & feelings are more honest & more accurate."

“What? You DON'T have a tambourine and two sets of drumsticks in YOUR cubicle? I thought everyone did. . .”

“Two linear transducers + a good-sized subwoofer + just a few amps + watts = a great way to turn your office cubicle into a wake up machine!”

"For Safety, pursue the Possible & Probable. For Honor, pursue the Possible but Improbable. For Truth, pursue the Impossible."

"Any day I don't reach out to help, step boldly toward my dreams, or connect with someone new, is lost opportunity."

“Rule #1: Do no harm. Rule #2: Serve others. Rule #3: Do your best to be amusing. Overall engagement: embody joy.”

"Our ancestors offer two choices: a script or a blank tablet. Pick one, or both."

"All my life and my ancestor's lives were prequels to today. Glad I have a ticket; wonder how it will turn out. Lovin' life."

“I find it ironic that for decades I thought I'd find ‘the right answer’ by ‘really thinking it through’. I’m grateful to discover that the best answers come from heart.”

“Had what I thought was a moment of enlightenment. So clearly it was not. Enlightenment comes with feeling and knowing, not thinking.”

"Would you like your learning with or without success? There are no other choices."

I'll take two cups of joy, two cups of enthusiasm, and two cups of Zen with my no-coffee. But I'll take my coffee black.

"Should be: 'I'm grateful, I love, and I take action, -- therefore I am!' That we make a difference goes w/out saying."

"To think we know all that's really going on is arrogant. Deep gratitude and full participation in life are the best homage."

Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am" (actually said, "Cogito, ergo sum", but whatever). Defining one's self by one's thoughts ain't it.

“Everyone wins when you help someone else to a better mood. If you think it, believe it, feel it, and state it, you become a positive force.”

Turn your "If I only's" into "Now I'm gonna's". Focus on regret or loss = more of same. Focus on dreams & opportunity = more of same. Simple

In my world, thoughtfully created and gratefully accepted, I choose to live on Bruce Time. Unhampered by negative thoughts or doubt. Namaste

Today's list exceeds time. How awesome is that? All get same amount of time each day. With sure purpose & focused energy, do lots more. Yay!

Learn 2 stop what you're doing as soon as U start to feel teeniest bit bad. Take a big hit of Gratitude, breathe, smile, & feel good again.

Purpose - "Assume there is purpose to all life - the odds against are ludicrous. Life is not coincidence or random."

Voting is a responsibility, an opportunity, and a mechanism for shaping destiny. I vote "Yes to life!"

Look outside for new data, concepts and points of view, but seek your true answers within.

You can be in control of your thoughts, if you want to be. If you control your thoughts you control your emotions. That determines your day.

"Want 2 hear an amazing story? Slo down, be in the moment, & ask the person next 2 U how her/his life got them to this moment."

"I am the luckiest person I know. Well, except for you, that is."

If I speak only of health, prosperity, and possibility, that's what I consciously experience. I want more of each for us all.

"Relevance precedes perception. Relevance powers perception. Relevance determines reality. One does not sense irrelevance."

I firmly believe we can communicate with our own immune systems. Mine responds to encouragement & humor (& chocolate!).

My way of saying to my immune system, "OK boys, another day's here, time to rock n roll! And if you're good - I'll feed you chocolate!"

Focus on health, please y'all. Focusing on un-health is un-healthy. The miracle of our existence belies un-health. Gratitude.

What if each of us has an alter-ego porpoise in the ocean's deep? Better left alone? Or should we seek our true porpoise?

No matter how happy, successful, rich, productive, helpful, giving, or kind . . . you can always take it to another level. It's up to you.

Reach out for life and observe life reaching back.

Color me grateful for all that life has to offer and the wisdom to partake in it.

Today is filled with possibilities. Choose to assume the responsibility to create good ones. G.A.R.

Does the concept of "hosted" client relationship management chill your tentacles or frost your synapses? Me, too.

Waiting for Facebook to actually upload a video feels so like being stood up for a date. You're just not sure it's really going to happen.

Ever have it happen that the police pull you over but really just want to admire your ride? I haven't, but will keep hoping.

BTW, I have a question. Since when did Minivans become cool again? Huh? Has this country gone Stepford? What is up with that?

OK, I've decided it's finally time to grow up and take life seriously. . . . Oh, wait, maybe not quite yet . . .LOL

Working hard to rely more on heart and intuition than mind. Getting better at ignoring noisy mind to "get" messages from heart & intuition.

"Sure, go ahead and make to-do lists. But don't spend so much time with lists that you don't actually 'do' what you've listed." -Being Bruce

"There's nothing immoral, illegal, or fattening about letting life just happen to you. But why not use your gifts and power?"

"Wannabe sensualists seek a beach with a hot lover and a cold beer. True sensualists enjoy a beach with a cold lover and a hot beer."

"Like love, joy defies definition. While we may question if we're truly 'in love', however, we never question being 'in joy'."

"If you wait for everything to be perfect, you may never get started. Accept responsibility, get started, and make it better."

“When you know life’s purpose, prioritize of your passions, and focus your personal energy you reach your highest power.”

"Exposing a Big Lie: There is no such thing as 'status quo'. Change is constant. Deny it or fight it and you lose. Anticipate."

"Attitude, focus, and energy. The formula isn't rocket science, but it will take you farther than you can imagine."

"A simple self-test. Get to a quiet place. Frown and notice your feelings. Now smile and notice your feelings. See? Use it."

“I’ll take ‘joy’ over ‘comfort’ every day of the week. ‘Comfort’ to me is passive and inactive. ‘Joy’ is active and engaged.”

"If you had one chance in your life to go to a party, would you go and really get into it, stay in a corner, or not go at all?"

"Clear sense of purpose provides motivation to focus. Unfocused attention aids discovery, focus get things done. Both are fun."

"In the lull periods after the rush of discovery or creation, that's when you take sure, solid steps forward."

"Doesn't it feel great when someone expresses their appreciation to you? Appreciation is the best gift. Give it often."

"With each season comes fresh opportunity to adjust your attention and efforts. Take advantage of seasonal energy."

"Status quo is a sad delusion. There is growth or decay, nothing else. Both are natural, either is a choice."

"Pressing hard on the brake and weakly on the accelerator. That's life for the relentlessly negative. Why live that way?"

"However it happened, whatever the source, thank you for the opportunity."

"Purpose? [Check] Passions? [Check] Goal? [Check] Objective? [Check] Focus? [Check] Energy? [Check] OK, baby, let's roll!"

"The greatest pleasures are taken separately."

"Have you noticed that the greatest truths can be stated simply? Deceit and deception need more words."

We can't figure everything out and impulse can be deceptive. Learn to recognize and trust your intuition for hard decisions.

Embrace the freedom and responsibility for your own life.

"When you 'Don't know whether to laugh or cry', laugh, it's healthier."

Respect your intuition, revere your purpose and revel in your uniqueness. Then get over yourself and get busy.

Don't spend too much time wondering what you 'should' do. Still your spinning mind and go with your 'inner knowing'.

When you are fully aware of, committed to, and willing to take action based on your life purpose, choices are easier.

Get in the game and play big.

Your ability to improve the world is limited only by your own expectations

When the weather is wonderful, lift your face skyward; when it's drab, feed your heart; when it's dramatic, enjoy the show.

Show up and enjoy, but if you didn't plan the party, or pay for it, don't diss the entertainment or bitch about the food.

At this time in this life, I'm focused on 'being', not 'doing' or having'. The only sure path is to be in the now.

Occasional sadness is a gift; it proves you care. Chronic or constant sadness is a self-selected trap, a defensive excuse.

Life is like music. You don't have to understand all the lyrics to feel the beat and start dancing.

With Internet networking, don't be small-minded or come on too strong. That's why it's called 'social medium'.

If you can't laugh at your own jokes, don't expect others to either.

Get in the game and play big.

Your ability to improve the world is limited only by your own expectations.

When the weather is wonderful, lift your face skyward; when it's drab, feed your heart; when it's dramatic, enjoy the show.

Show up and enjoy, but if you didn't plan the party, or pay for it, don't diss the entertainment or bitch about the food.

Confused or overwhelmed? Focus on one small task or part of a task and do it perfectly. Next!

The nicest thing you can do today is allow and assist some other person to do something nice for someone else.

"If you were going to live your life moving backward in time, how would you write the end?"

"If one knows absolutely that feeling good or feeling bad is a choice, 98% of the time, why would one ever choose to feel bad?"
"Enthusiasm is contagious. Spread some today."

"If your work is aligned with your purpose and passions, Mondays are exciting and fun."

"Okay, this is how it is. Life is a party. Okay? So get your butt on the floor and dance!"

"Realized, to my delight, the first 60 years are the appetizer. Pull up to the table for the main course. If you think you're done, you'll miss the best part."

"A little bit of Zen and a whole lotta rock n roll."

"Do not hesitate at the threshold of joy."

"I find choosing to live with positivity easier every single day. When you know happiness is a choice, why opt for a bummer?"

"The effect of your smile on others is interesting. The power of your smile on yourself is astounding. Use it often."

"Give no thought or worry to anything that prevents you from being the very best you can be at this moment."

"The Law of Attraction has an able cousin, The Law of Action. When both are fueled by your passions, you are unstoppable."

"It is always either the very best or the very worst time to embark on a venture. Which one, best or worst, is up to you ."

"Discovering your true purpose requires search within, but once you know it, life's decisions are easy."

"Laugh ten times, cry once, worry none."

"Want to be 'green' and conserve energy? Realize, harness and direct your own incredible internal energy and create the world!"

"Your purpose is not simply work. Your purpose is to live your unique purpose. Therein lies joy."

"It's folly to worry about what I didn't know then or did or didn't do then. My road to joy is now, in the present moment."

"Focus on your wins and appreciate your gifts and strengths. Your failures and faults will take care of themselves."

"Each day, be open to ways to honor others and yourself. Do not let a day go by without personal appreciation."

"My biggest childhood dreams and greatest fears have all come true. The only sane way forward is to dream more and fear less."

"In all of life, there are but two answers, two directions: 'Yes" or 'No'."

"Every life is a do-over, made up of do-over moments, within the context of universal do-over. No worry, no fear."

"Wow, a new day! Thank you."

"Don't deny or resist setbacks or distractions. Acknowledge, move slightly sideways, and press on with joy and determination."

"It's a new day. Step forward with love, strength, confidence, and joy."

"Apron wisdom = 'If you can't say something nice, say nothing.' Today = 'Always be positive and when you can't, meditate.'"

"Laughter and positivity nuture, heal, and encourage growth. Actions yield results. So laugh and be positive already!"

"When you have decided you want something important, the next step is to ask for it. 'Asking' takes many forms, but do it."

"Make one important life decision at a time. Then focus and give it all you've got."

"Voted this morning to have a joyous day. I have the same results every day, but it's important to make the conscious choice."

"My mind isn't sure what 'confidence' is, but my heart does not hesitate."

"When composing your own life song, keep an upbeat rhythm."

"How shall we create today?"

"You've already thought enough about what's important to you. Now's the time to take action."

"When faced with choices, pick the one most closely aligned with your life's purpose."

"Creativity via synthesis requires openness to the outer world. Original creativity requires openness to the inner world."

"The night sky is so clear this early morning, it seems the stars are smiling."

"One cannot be responsible to family, friends, work, art, earth, God, or universe without self responsibility first."

"When you consciously choose a positive attitude about life, for life, it's easier to get back on track when you waver."

"Readiness is not just a state of mind, it's also a state of body and heart. To be 'ready' is to be totally present."

"Readiness for the next big thing in your life means being open, to 'surrender your agenda' so you can act on the moment."

"Don't look for power from outside yourself. All the power and more than you'll ever need is instantly available inside."

"When your heart is open, you may find something far better than your mind thought you were seeking."

"Personal energy is an endless, renewable resource. But we don't own it, we borrow as we tap into the universal energy source."

"Today you chose to awaken, get up and engage in life. Good for you. keep going. How much greatness can you achieve today?"

"Start the day with Gratitude, maintain a positive Attitude, and be Ready for what shows up."

"What would make NOW a winning moment for you?"

"When you are open to creativity, there are no limits to internal and external inspiration."

"To be fully alive is to be fully in the moment. Life is right now, not yesterday or tomorrow."

"The mind is easily confused. Intuition and heart are more clear. Use all three, but seek clarity."

"Attitude is viral. Pass it on."

Much accomplished today, including voting and getting a flu shot. I feel like, so adult. Oh, wait, I am an adult. Cool, I'm age appropriate!

"Every freedom is a blessing and a responsibility."

"Truth requires few words."

"Notice strengthens that which is noticed."

"The ability to concentrate power, thought, and love on each moment separates great do-ers from the many who try."

"Gratitude is the primal cause of all action."

"Smiles come from the heart, frowns from the mind. Leave your mind to its work, but put your heart in charge of your emotions."

"I'm not actively seeking to be original. I'm opening myself to find my own truth and clarity from within."

"As my meager understanding grows, I greater realize the irony of giving attention to anything I do not like."

"If life is a roller coaster, let's take the whole ride and not sit buckled in at the platform."

"Opportunity doesn't appear in the past or future, it appears in the present for those who pay attention."

"Kindred spirits are everywhere; like stars in the night sky, you need only to look for them."

"The best cure for self-doubt is to help someone else."

"Gratitude enables joy. If joy seems elusive, don't chase it. Fully embrace gratitude and joy can appear."

"Joy is the glazing on the donut of gratitude, the butter and brown sugar on a perfectly cooked sweet potato."

"The universe presents infinite choices. Your mind can never process them all, so give your heart an equal vote."

"Even when living life full tilt & in alignment w/purpose & passions, U need breaks. So give URself a break & take a break."

"Let gratitude be your attitude charging station."

"In life, as in amusement parks, you don't have to ride every roller coaster, but if you never, ever ride one, you miss out."

It's amazing how much you can get done if you surrender control of "everything". John Lennon should have written, "Let It Go".

Words are so fun. Ever notice closeness of 'quilt' and 'guilt'? Each acquires pieces over time & the overall effect is more than the parts.

"On the surface, it's easy to confuse need, like and love. Try this: your body needs, your mind likes, your heart loves."

"If life is like a plane ride, why not ride First Class? That's where you got the fresh-baked cookies and steamed hand towels."

"Inspiration may come from others, but motivation comes only from within. Both speak the language of emotion."

"Focus on obstacles stops us. Focus on solutions can slow us down. Focus on desired results moves us right along."

"Much that is external will change. Count on it. The happiest, most powerful path is to anticipate change."

"When you pay attention to the world, the world pays attention to you. And both change in the process."

"The more I figure myself out, the more I realize that's not my purpose. My purpose has little to do with me."

“Please excuse my excessive happiness, this is the first time I've lived this moment and I want to enjoy it to the fullest!”

"Laughter. I am grateful for the power and the joy of laughter. Of the gifts of existence, laughter is the ultimate luxury."

"Inspiration comes easily, if you're open to it. Implementation requires decision and commitment."

"Responsibility for the future is ours, of course, but it's daunting and humbling. Focus on this moment and your next act."

"The truth is you are never alone. The reality is you will only be aware of what you look for."

"A dog's ability to instantly relax and as quickly respond is a valuable skill that we, too, can learn."

“When you're about to make a significant change in your life, do you just throw yourself at it, get the main idea and go, work through a checklist and then start or do you create 'good reasons' to delay the start? Each method is fine, there's no good or bad or right or wrong to this, but if you have a clear pattern of behavior in the face of change, what can you learn that might serve you better going forward?”

"Remembering is helpful. Anticipating is prudent. Fully engaging in the moment is exhilarating and how things get done well."

"Start each day with instants of gratitude. No one can ask for more."

"If you're looking for a safety net for life, construct one from strong fibers of gratitude."

"A frown slipped in this week. I tried to fight it, but that made it stronger. I went back to smiling and the frown went away."

"The strongest steel is first burnt, bent, and beaten. Do not focus on obstacles, but be grateful for your failures."

"Each day do something to honor and serve yourself; you'll have more strength and joy as you honor and serve others."

"Why underestimate yourself? You are stronger, smarter, and more loved than you can ever imagine."

"Shared Joy is a wonderful, powerful, most valuable gift."

"Whose life will you improve today?"

"Life isn't about figuring out what you're supposed to do, it's about realizing what you are meant to do."

"Took a vote early today. Happy day? Sad day? So-so day? ... 'Happy day' won by a landslide; it was unanimous!!"

"When your path seems overly long, don't fret about it. Breathe, smile and take the next step."

"You ARE the center of the universe. And so is everyone else."

"Be your own GCFO: General Contractor for Future Opportunities. Responsibilites = Gratitude, Clarity, Focus, Openness."

"The right decision is usually the simplest."

"It is the nature of our minds to complicate matters. In our hearts, all is simple."

"Keep your head up. Even with your eyes closed it feels better than letting your head down. Try it."

"If you're not pleased in an interaction, resist the urge to 'make an example' of someone else; instead, be a good example."

"Heartfelt messages are the most honest and the most helpful. Overthinking obfusticates and obscures."

"Find your FUN today. Even if just for a few moments, stop and have some fun. It's personally ecologically sound."

"We are each of us as wonderful as we allow ourselves to be."

"An open mind is only possible with faith and hope. Closed minds lack both."

"Wonder is in the air and wonderful things are about to happen."

"No other fulfillment compares with a happy, smiling grandchild."

"There is beauty and awe in the pure concept of 'a gift, freely given with no expectation of return'."

"Positive action is its own reward."

"First thought, 'I'm alive.' Second thought, 'Thank you.' All else follows."

"Making important choices in life is simple when you truly know your purpose, passions, values and goals."

"Give yourself permission to 'be', 'do', have, and give all you can; for yourself, family, friends and the universe."

"Holding back doesn't serve others. Be bold, do great things, earn the rewards and then you can help many."

"Simple truths attract the greatest power. When you know your own 'simple truths' you are equipped for greatness."

"Planning is good, but don't get too hung up on the specifics; what shows up may be even better."

"This is the season of change. Are you in?"

"Are you 'resolute' in your resolutions? You can be, you know. And if you slip, don't give up; let it go and stay on course."

"Experience fully the emotion of achieving your greatest dreams. If the feeling is strong enough, it's all you need."

"Every failure is a lesson. Your personal destiny calls you to greatness, so use the lessons learned to charge forward."

"Don't put your mind in charge of your dreams. Let your heart conceive your dreams and give you the courage to achieve them."

"There is no better time for great change than a time of great change! If you think the world is changing, now's your chance!"

"Concern about others' opinions of your dreams is giving yourself an 'out'. If you're not honest with yourself, who will be?”

"Love yourself enough, be grateful to the universe enough, and be brave enough to believe in and realize your dreams."

"Look for people who will support your pursuit of your dreams. Seek the believers and shun the disbelievers."

"How cool is it to be in a time of change? Today, right now, it's fashionable, even expected, to dream big. Use that energy."

"On the road to your dreams, you'll slip once in a while, but that's OK; accept it, be grateful, get up, and keep going."

"Let this be the year when, when you're faced with certain choices, you say, 'I think I'll take both, please.'"

"How do you view life? Is every day a test, a trial, a challenge, a chance, or just another square on the calendar?"

"Today, right now, this second. This is the time to take the next step toward your destiny. Right now."

"We are our own toughest critics; sometimes fair, sometimes harsh. We can choose to be our own greatest fans and cheerleaders."
"The trick to sticking with the excitement and certainty of a fresh start is being certain it's worthy of your destiny."

"We all slip, we all have failures. The trick is to get up and keep going. Focus on failure ends the game, and you lose."

"No one says and no where is it written that you 'must' live an extraordinary life. But why wouldn't you want to?"

"Your emotions are highest at the start and end of the race. Remember and anticipate those feelings and take each step strong."

"One thing for sure I have in common with all dogs. I get excited and start to drool when anyone says the word 'cookie'."

"What will you do today in full alignment with your life purpose?"

"Want to get lucky? Expect an extraordinary day and you're much more likely to have one. Others may call it 'just luck'."

"Consider how wonderful you truly are and ask yourself this question: 'Are my dreams worthy of me or shall I dream bigger?'"

"When you 'really' pay attention to people, with no agenda of your own, that's when they will most understand you, too."

"Don't force gratitude, allow it. Fill yourself with gratitude to enable other aligned emotions, thoughts, and actions."

"Start each day saying 'I'm here' three times: mentally; with your full beingness; and spiritually. Then you're ready."

"A feeling of pervasive calm is one of the direct benefits of truly experiencing gratitude."

"A settled Being smiles at Id, laughs at Ego, and tolerates SuperEgo."

"Some day soon, when all earthly beings are connected, all the time, whose voice will ask, 'OK, so now what?'."

"You are always powerful. You are most powerful when in alignment with your purpose, passions, beliefs, values, and goals."

"Kindness and attention must start within. If you don't take care of yourself, how can you take care of t others?"

"Prescription: A full-out, hearty laugh, at least every two waking hours. Does wonders for body, mind and spirit."

"Here's a short cut: go straight from Gratitude to Joy and never look back."

"Of all the gifts for which we can be grateful, being in control of our own attitude is near the top."

"If you sense yourself slipping into your own 'stuff', when you feel sorry for yourself, find ways to help others."

"Be bold, be vital and have a sense of urgency."

"Everyone's challenge is to find balance between the excitement of full potential and calm focus on the present moment."

"Today 2010 is 5% over. It passed quickly, didn't it? How's it going for you? Make the most of each day and each moment."

"The joy of repetitive physical labor or exercise is it engages your body and mind so your imagination and spirit can soar."

"My best ideas come while shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, fast walking, or on a cardio exercise machine."

"Yesterday I was open to a great opportunity unexpectedly found when I went out. I think I'll go out again today."

"Most great thoughts and ideas come from within. Most great opportunities come from other people. Seek and be open to both."

"Simple formula for success: show up; discover how to help others; and deliver what you promise."

"Time wasted feeling bad about what you didn't get done yesterday prevents you from doing all you can today."

"There is no lack of opportunity to those who are open. You don't even have to seek it, just be open."

"Today is full of magic and wonder. Look for magic and for wonderful people, places, events, and things. They'll find you."

"You cannot follow up with every opportunity. Chose the ones most aligned with your passions."

"Want to make a diffence? Be yourself. When you assume roles you think others expect of you, effectiveness wanes fast."

"Mondays are so exciting I'm like a race horse at the gate or a dog straining the leash. Do you feel that about your work?"

"FOCUS on what you DO KNOW, CAN DO, and DO WANT, not the opposites. Your FOCUS determines your RESULTS. Are you in?"

"When confused by good choices, go with the one that "feels" best. Let your heart decide; your mind will debate it forever."

"If a decision is complicated, you're over-thinking it. Your correct decision is always very clear, but only you can know it."

"Know that your mind is your noticing, recognizing, remembering, thinking, and deciding muscle, but it's is NOT who you are."

"This year I'm hearing so many people around the world are engaged in exciting projects and lives. You inspire me. Thank you."

"It's always a wonderful day, and it has always already started!"

"When you are passionate about your work, your accomplishments amaze others."

“Paraphrasing an order I've heard a few times in another context, I'm ordering myself, ‘Mr. Brown, step away from the keyboard!’ “

"Gratitude is the universal, essential antidote. Without gratitude, nothing is possible; with it, there are no limits."

"Don't waste time feeling bad about time you wasted yesterday or worrying about future time waste. Use your time well today."

"The greatest truths are simple, but life overall is neither simple nor easy. That's what makes it so interesting."

"When I sit in my chair before writing, even just thinking positive thoughts causes me to sit taller."

"You have to be very quiet and listen carefully to hear your own inner song, but once heard, you hear it forever."

"In spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and economic matters, if you are not progressing, you are falling behind."

"Only when you are fully honest with yourself can you experience true joy."

"Realization of the freedom of choice is a wonderful gift and a stunning responsibility. It's time to wear big kid pants."

"Waiting for the 'right time' and 'everything to be perfect' is a safe way to avoid starting."

"The more gratitude and joy in your life, the less likely you are to be sarcastic."

"Each day: hear the music; see the spotlight; and let the games begin! Go for your personal Gold in all you do."

"Gratitude + Joy + Enthusiasm + Energy = An Overflowing Bucketful of Good Time!"

"Confusion and complication are servants of procrastination. Procrastination serves dislike and fear. Clarity serves joy."

"Working 'hard' sounds like running in circles. Working 'smart' is more a straight line. Hamsters work hard. Foxes work smart."

"The challenge in life is not finding oppportunities, but choosing among them."

"Are you 'getting ready' for your life, or are you living now?"

"At any moment of confusion, check your passions and purpose. If the answer doesn't
come immediately, go to gratitude."

"Wonderful opportunities are trying to get your attention."

"Gratitude clears confusion."

"Leaders lead, they don't push."

"Know yourself better through other people. If you really get to know them, you'll find yourself in everyone you meet."

"Attitude plus Altitude equals Gratitude."

"If what you're looking for doesn't show up, you don't really want it or you're not looking in the right place. Look inside."

"People ask about my energy. It's no secret. I get my energy from gratitude."

"Life is about choices. The first and most important is to choose to take responsibility for your own life."

"Be alert and grateful for feelings of 'overwhelm'. That's a signal it's time to be kind to yourself. Enjoy!"

"It's okay to repeat important messages. We only hear what we're ready, able and need hear."

"Balance matters."

"Positive attitude is a choice and a wonderful gift to yourself and those around you."

"Energy matters."

"Trust starts with yourself."

"The 'secret' of productivity is always what you do this moment."

"Gratitude motivates."

"Laughing and crying are wonderful signs we're alive and have a heart. I prefer laughing, but crying has its own sweetness."

"It's amazing how much you can get done when you stop planning and making lists and worrying and just do the next thing."

"Allowing is much more powerful than rescuing. Allowing focuses on positive potential."

"Avoiding decisions puts your life on hold."

"Before you step on the gas, know your destination. Then pop the clutch and burn rubber!"

My eternal discussion, serious or silly? Same one wins almost all the time (can you guess?). Well, unless there's a 'vette to pretend race.

"You may never meet or even hear about them, but your strong steps to live your passions inspire other people to do the same."

"It's great to have a plan, but when PLAN is king, DESIRED RESULT is in the dungeon."

"Accept responsibility for this moment, and maybe the next."

"Have you ever just stopped for a sec and said to your self, 'Man, this is a good ride!'?"

"In business and in relationships, which do you choose to be: a Starter; a Builder; or a Finisher?"

"You can be "You" better than anyone else in the world. So have personal integrity, give yourself a cheer, and 'Be You'."

"Become aware of your power, accept it, discover your passions and then charge forward."

"Want to know who your competition is? Look in the mirror. YOU are the only one holding you back."

"Want more productivity? Easy. Choose to work in alignment with your passions. When you love what you do, productivity happens."

"My day starts and ends with gratitude."

"Readiness is useful to the extent you don't have to prepare; time spent 'getting ready to be ready' lessens the effect."

"Tough decisions are opportunities for learning and growth."

"In gratitude there is strength. In attitude there is choice. In readiness there is opportunity. GAR!"

"The earth does not stand still, nor do the stars. Why should I? Why should you?"

"You give power to that to which you pay attention. Focus on what you like, not what you don't like."
"To be 'true to yourself,' first meet yourself. You are not your mind or your body or a bunch of chemicals in a bag of water."

"Choice is a wonderful gift whose price is responsibility."

"Anytime you say, 'Well, that's just how I am", you add another layer to later strip away."

"Low self-esteem is a mask of the mind. Take off that mask and live in joy and wonder."

"Don't put on a smile, let your smile out -- and then amp it up!"

"Change is not predictable. The only control we really have when change happens is what we think, which controls how we feel."

"We can only do as much, have as much, help as much, and be as much as we dare. I dare you to step into your full power."

"My gratitude cup is over-flowing."

"The continuum of existence from survival to excellence and greatness is based on attitude."

"Is this the day you'll make and act on a decision that changes your life, or will you put it off till a 'better' time?"

"The best way to prepare for whatever is coming is to be grateful for whatever you already have."

"You always have a choice."

"What matters to you? What really matters? When you're very clear, life delivers. If you're not clear, neither is life."

"If it is to be, it's up to we."

"How will you choose to live your life today?"

"Live fully and powerfully. Nothing else, repeat, nothing else makes sense."

"The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but first you have to believe you can get there."

"I'm totally pumped that this day is filled with wonderful opportunity - just like every day."

"I laugh when I think something is a coincidence. Just because I'm not aware of the purpose, doesn't mean it's not there."

"Asking questions is more helpful than giving answers - unless someone needs a bathroom."

"Something very special is happening today."

"Spend more time doing than planning."

"Feeling overwhelmed, overworked, overbooked? Stop. Breathe. Take two minutes to imagine a rose."

"The opportunity to help a friend is a great gift; helping a friend is a greater,especially when done with gratitude and joy."

"Start by being your own biggest fan. Know in your head and in your heart that you are wonderful. And everyone else is, too."

"Are you ready for all the cool stuff that can happen today?"

"I'm already laughing in anticipation of an outstanding day. I'm grateful that I choose to allow myself to feel so happy."

"Don't hold back, give it all you've got."

"You cannot totally control your life. If you try, you may miss the very best opportunities. Be open to a change in plans."

"Okay, so if you were totally in charge of your day today (you are), what would you like to say or write about it tomorrow?"

"Start by finding ways to help."

"Living the life you want is more about allowing it to happen than making it happen. We are our own greatest obstacles."

"'What's your story?' takes different meanings at a child's bedtime, in a bar, and sitting with a mentor."

"Another day of great possibilities. What shall we create today?"

"Life in hyperbole. It's a choice. It has consequences, but for me it's the only way to fly. Why choose a life of restraint?"

"Stand taller in your own light."
"You give power to that to which you pay attention. If you focus on obstacles, they become more powerful. Focus on your goals."

"We may not always understand why we make choices and we may not always make the right ones. But we do always have a choice."

"Develop your talents with teaching, persistence, and practice. Allow your unique genius with belief and faith."

"Start now."

"A sincere, enthusiastic smile communicates universally."

"I'm looking forward to a day of wonderful moments."

"This is a fabulous day to help someone, so get to it."

"Power is where you find it. Here's a hint: it's inside, so you just have to allow it and let it out."

"To hasten your own reward, be bold as you focus outside yourself and take strong action to help others."

"Start every day with Gratitude, Attitude, and Readiness. You can't control all results, but you can control your preparation."

"Meet your 'You' team. Each of us is our own greatest challenge, greatest competitor, and greatest fan."

"Notice is the first step to needed change."

"Tell ya what. You be accountable for you. I'll be accountable for me. Now let's take action and get 'er done!"

"The path to superstardom is simple, but not easy. The simple part is belief and decision. The hard part is consistent work."

"It's easier to use words to express thoughts than feelings; I wish it were the other way around. That's something to work on."

"Life is like a dance; when the music is playing are you going to sit and watch or get out on the floor and do your thing?"

"This, like all other days, is a day to cherish and to accomplish much."

"Lots of cool stuff to do today, and plenty of chances to help, but I can't forget to 'be' exactly who I am."

"Another day full of opportunities. Let's make this one special and a day to remember."

"It is wise to be in awe of your own potential. It's like the feeling of awe when you're looking out on top of a mountain."

"Accepting personal power goes hand in hand with living in alignment with your passions. Strength in one enhances the other."

"I take great delight in new learnings that enhance my understanding of life and increase my ability to help others."

"I'd rather be a child's favorite crayon than an adult's sharpest pencil."

"Like every day, today is a day to celebrate, not by kicking back and zoning out, but by living your passions fully."

"You first big life decision is, 'Who's in charge of you?'."

"Gratitude is the starting point. And then it's your turn."

"Look for opportunities to step up and serve."

"There is only one time when anything you do will make a difference; that time is 'right now'."

"If each day, at minimum, you do one thing to help someone else and one thing for yourself, that day is a 'Win'."

"My goal for today is to wake up tomorrow and think, "Wow, that was awesome!'."

"Gratitude empowers."

"The truest, simplest truths require no explanation. The best example being, 'I am'." 

"Let the depth of your gratitude spur you to action and service."

"When you're stuck in the balance between over-thinking and under-thinking, go with your intuition. Don't choose inaction."

"If baggage is dragging you down or holding you back, let it go and move on. Focus on progress and keep moving."

"How can we help someone today?"

"It's better to live actively and calm at your center than to seem calm but live with inner turmoil."

"The result of doing nothing is zero. The result of helping yourself is "one". The results of helping others are infinite."

"The trick is to make the middle of the journey as exciting as the beginning and the end." 

"Focus on one's own chronological age is understandable, but irrelevant. Better to focus on who you are and who you can help."

"There is no true abundance without giving."

"There is no failure. There are only degrees of success."

"You always have a choice. You are most honest with yourself when you choose in favor of your passions."

"If you had a choice, would you not want to live your fullest power and fullest potential? Well, you do have that choice!"

"Step right up and enjoy the day. You may have more days coming, but for sure this one won't be back."

"Gratitude, Attitude, Readiness."

"Already well into the week planning in my mind, but focusing on doing in the moment to get the right stuff done NOW!"

"I'm living a life on fire - happy fire!"

"I am irresistibly drawn to a child's happy smile."

"If you're going to get good stuff done, you'll need lots of energy. Your best energy source is your own passions."

"Choosing in alignment with your passions isn't just easier, it can help everyone."

"If birth is your login to this world, your passions are your password."

"Focus energy on doing what's right, not on not doing what's wrong."

"Words from the head reach other heads. Words from the heart touch other hearts."

"Don't try to rush or force creativity, it doesn't work. Relax into creativity and allow it. Then use your skills & technique."

"The Artist so owns her skills and technique she need not think about them, enabling her heart to creative expression."

"A sense of play and the ability to tell a good story are priceless."

"The Law of Attraction works, but you don't just 'beam it in'. If you don't take action, nothing happens."

"Life boils down to one question and one answer. What will you ask of yourself? How will you answer?"

"Action without thought is foolish. Action without heart is easily misguided. Action based on thought and heart is your truth."

"Embrace this day. It won't be back."

"You can't always choose your location, but you always can choose your state of mind."

"Except for babies or the sick or injured, concepts of 'comfort' and 'security' are illusions. Live large and to your purpose."

"When you live your purpose in alignment with your passions, it will be exciting, but likely won't feel comfortable or 'safe'."

"Take responsibility and step up to your life purpose. You are unique and have special gifts for a reason; so use them."

"Be gentle and kind to yourself at the same time you are tough and hold yourself to high standards."

"Look outside for new data, concepts and points of view, but seek truth within."

"It's a new day. Step forward with love, strength, confidence, and joy."

"If you were going to live your life moving backward in time, how would you write the end?"

"Get in the game and play big."

"Gratitude improves for your emotional posture. Try it and you'll see."

"The best attributes of routine are that things get done and the way is cleared for creativity."

"Today is the best day to put your plans in action."

"It's a rare person who doesn't respond to a sincere smile."

"Don't start dancing till you feel the beat. The trick is to feel the beat just before the music starts."

"Taking oneself overly seriously must be viewed as high irony by the universe. So lighten up and do your best."

"Intentional irony is deceptive. Sarcasm is hurtful. Realized irony is amusing."

"I have 3 labeled mirrors for you: Your Biggest Challenge; Your Biggest Competition; Your Biggest Fan. Can you see all three?"

"Whether life is easy or hard is often a factor of time. Worry about the future makes it harder; focus on Right Now is easier."

"Bruce Brown is a very common name. So if you hear or read something I said you don't like, it was one of those other guys."

"Learn to appreciate cycles in your life; even short cycles like times to chill and times to go full out."

"Everyone needs a safety net in life. Mine is called Gratitude."

"Personal integrity is defined by your actions in alignment with your destiny."

"Today I choose to be in a state of conscious delight and I invite you to join me, wherever you are."

"Who can you help today? Who can you thank for helping you yesterday?"

"Be open to lessons in life where you find them. Today I re-learned the need for balance and rest from our coffee maker."

"Hesitation feeds itself; action feeds the world."

"When you live and act in alignment with your passions, you're always riding a big wave."

"I awoke to a morning of wonder and awe."

"Are you doing the 'right work' for you?"

"The answers you seek come from yourself, not from others, but others can help you find them."

"Gratitude. Attitude. Readiness. That's a great start ... now do something!"

"Gratitude is at once a safety net and a springboard. For greatest power, start with heartfelt gratitude."

"For many of us it's harder to receive than to give. If we are all connected spiritually, there should be no difference."

"Wonder and joy. When you start your day with gratitude and joy, pay attention, the wonder will show up soon."

"When you decide to change, the change begins. Thinking is fine and often useful, but change doesn't start until you decide."

"On the road to your dreams, you'll slip once in a while, but that's OK; accept it, be grateful, get up, and keep going."

"Change toward positive is much healthier than change from negative. Focus determines result."

"Attaining authentic life goals brings joy. Goals that bring relief are actually tasks to reach a greater goal."

"When your path is dim, it's up to you to brighten the way. Know that others appreciate your light as well."

"'Having' is nice and 'doing' is fulfilling, but 'being' is sublime."

"Gearing up for a week's full calendar, I am grateful for the time, the people, and the energy."

"To see, you have to look; to hear, you have to listen; to notice, you have to pay attention."

"'NOW' is precious and what you make of it. Each moment is a lump of coal with the potential to create a diamond."

"I find that I come back to gratitude for my center, my base, and my strength."

"Courage is what you do when something is necessary to your integrity, regardless of other risk or cost."

"Any conscious choice other than a life of joy is a lack of gratitude."

"I stand humbled by those who live with seemingly appalling circumstances and yet boldly represent gratitude and joy."
"Not to minimize the male contribution in human reproduction, but are you kidding me? What women do humbles science."

"I'd rather trust and take a chance on sad disappointment than not trust and limit my chances to help."

"The best way to enroll others in your plan is to follow your own advice."

"I considered being shy, but when I had to look up the definition I figured it a lost cause."

"Live in a world where stepping up and living full out isn't an option, but simply the way things are done."

"If you accept dissatisfaction with your life, you are accepting someone else's reality. Why do that?"

"The letters 'tu' stand between 'lose' and 'love'. No one knows that better than the French."

"Change your posture; change your attitude." - Being Bruce (This never fails to surprise me, and please me. - bb)

"I read and hear increasing references to a 'Shift'. This potential is, has, and always will be available to all."

"Q. If you don't take control of your mindset, who will? A. The stronger of: 1. your fears; or 2. your negative beliefs."

"Positivity is it's own reward."

"My favorite last words each night and first words each morning are, 'Thank you'. Even just whispering them feels wonderful."

"You needn't worry about 'stepping outside the box' if you never recognized the 'box' in the first place. There is no 'box'."

"Friday the 13th is a great day to claim your ability to create your own reality. Make it what you want it to be."

"Context isn't everything, but it matters. Telling someone you love them while you're driving 118 mph loses its edge."

"Shock value for its own sake is a one fright strand."

"Be like computer software; a major upgrade every few years with minor tweaks and fixes as needed."

"There are many paths to my father's teepee."

"Every once in a while I find I need some 'get over myself' time. Sort of like an ego-reset."

"You cannot control everything that comes your way each day, but keep an eye out for the good stuff so you won't miss it."

"Gratitude, Attitude, and Readiness are the foundations for any worthy endeavor. Great success requires all three. GAR!"

"There's nothing like a huge thunderstorm to keep us humble."

"We can only help others in three ways: problem-solving; success; and joy. Which are you best at?"

"As I look around the world, I realize many others are on the same journey. Our uniqueness brings us together."

"Items for today's to-do list: smile; laugh; help someone else; help yourself; play; be grateful."

"The possibilities of each moment are infinite, and that is truly wonderful, but you need to pick one and go with it."

"Sincere gratitude is personal proof you are not alone."

"When I sit up straight and contemplate gratitude, joy, and love, it's impossible to frown."

"No, for sure, posture isn't everything. But it is a great start."

"Let gratitude be the emotional bookends of each day."

"Choose positivity, an investment that pays higher interest with greater deposits."

"I considered taking myself extremely seriously, but then I started to giggle."

"Gratitude is the universal emotional healer. Applied liberally it can be both a quick fix and a long term cure."

"If we each bring a drop of gratitude, we can all surf the waves."

"There is no universal imperative to fully seek your power, but it does seem to trend that way."

"Today's world population is 6,866,026,825. That makes you unique and very special. Imagine, you are one in 6,866,026,825!"

"I'll have three cups of positive, please."

"Who you are is not who you are in your head, but how you show up in the world."

"It's almost perilously easy to overrule your physical senses. When others complain of the heat, think and speak of shivering."

"The understanding that you are living your life's purpose perfectly can bring a sense of serene urgency."

"When all about is confusing and moving fast, take a breath and do the next simple thing you know for sure is right."

"Gratitude is inherent in both receiving and giving. In their purest forms, both entail grace and humility."

"Purpose has no depth, for 'depth' implies limits. Your personal purpose is limitless, it is who you are."

"Live like the Tipping Point has just 'tipped'."

"You'll never know your missed opportunities to help someone else if you don't take positive action to help yourself."

"Clarity is good, but seeking complete clarity before acting is avoidance. Start now, gain more clarity as you move ahead."

"Serious intent coupled with playful execution is unstoppable. The attraction of full out play enlists others in your purpose."

"We're going to do some good and we're going to have fun doing it. How can you top that?"