Being Bruce -: Wilmington Tweetup at Pomegranate Books, February 23, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wilmington Tweetup at Pomegranate Books, February 23, 2010

It was time for the monthly Wilmington (NC) Tweetup meeting and I was pretty excited because of the location: Pomegranate Books on Park Avenue. Pomegranate is an author-friendly bookstore as (well, I suppose they all are, but Pomegranate regularly hosts workshops and meetings for authors and authors-to-be).

They were ready for us, as you can see from the sign on the door!

The Pomegranate staff greeted early arrivals Shannan Bowen (who stopped in from the gym) and Kimberly Ott Brumsey (back to the camera). In the center is bookstore owner Kathleen Jewell.

Shannan with Sarah Barbee. Sarah is the primary organizer of the Wilmington Tweetup.

Jackie Willse and Marge Brown

Jennifer Caslin and Becca Jones.

Kelly Cain Smith and Marge.

Jeremy Smith and Rick Huston.

Attorney Robin Robinson (she's running for District Court Judge) and Jackie.

Pomegranate's Anna Weddington has magic hands - look at how she can make them disappear in the light.

And here are Anna's hands in full view.

Writers Elizabeth King Humphrey and Dawn Bugni

Artist Angela Johnson

And yes, there was food and drink at the event.

Jackie and Kimberly kept finding great books. There were a lot of readers in the crowd!

Jenn Beddoe showed us her Special Olympics 2010 Polar Plunge shirt.

Designer Brooke Foreman

Jenn, Brooke, and Gayle Taybor of Glynne's Soaps.

Dawn with a Buy Local ILM sticker!

Cape Fear Volunteer Center Director Annie Anthony

Once again a successful event. Thanks Sarah and Jackie for organizing it and thanks to Kathleen and the staff of Pomegranate Books for hosting this month's Wilmington Tweetup.