Being Bruce -: The 'blizzard' of 2010 - Sitting Naked in the Snow

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The 'blizzard' of 2010 - Sitting Naked in the Snow

We don't see snow often in southeastern North Carolina. Typically it's seen "in the air every 5 years and on the ground every 10" - and even when it's "on the ground" that means a dusting that doesn't last.

Well maybe this pattern is changing. Last year we had two "dustings" and this year we actually have accumulation!

Pepper, who was born in northern California and grew up in Connecticut, loves to play in the snow. This shot is Pepper at 4:30AM on February 13th in Leland, North Carolina.

At 9:30PM last night we first realized it was snowing and took this shot.

Here's the same shot at 11PM on the 12th.

Snow in the air at 11PM February 12th.

Another air shot at 11PM on the 12th.

Car shot 4:30AM February 13th.

Snow is pretty, 4:30AM on the 13th.

A cool tree with snow shot 4:30AM on the 13th.

Pepper demonstrates that sitting naked in the snow is no big deal. February 13th, 2010.

We'll keep waiting and watching. If we get much more snow or see any more naked dogs I'll add to this post.