Being Bruce -: ADT Ribbon-Cutting 2-3-2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

ADT Ribbon-Cutting 2-3-2010

ADT just joined the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce so of course we had a ribbon cutting. A nice crowd showed up for the mid-week mid-morning event.

Below the group assembles, getting ready for the cut. That's our host Nick Arbia of ADT with the big scissors in the middle.

The office entrance. It isn't really a place where many customers go so you get very little sense of how large it is inside, but it goes on and on, at least 3,000 square feet place warehouse space.

Nick with North Brunswick Chamber Executive Director Terry Grillo.

Admin Katie McDonald and ADT Custom Home Rep Nick Thomas in the reception area.

Joyce Edwards and UNCW intern Daniella Martinez of Nancy Hall Publications.

Sandy Anthony of Welcome Services, Inc. and Tim Delia of AFLAC.

Joyce Ewards again, this time with Morgan Harper of the State Port Pilot.

Joyce (on the left) and board member Jeff Harvell of Lighthouse Publications.

Nick went into teaching mode for just a few minutes. A good guy, he's clearly passionate about his company and his job.

People watching the presentation from the door are Scott Reeves of Azalea Plaza, board member Justin Williams (with the camera) of NBM and SBM magazines, NBCC president George Murray of Murray Framing, and Terry Grillo.

Nick in profile. But check out all the plugs on the wall on the lower right. For a geeky guy like me, this is a presentation room to covet. (It's a nerd-thing, you might not understand.)

Photographer Bob Baer with his new Bluetooth phone on a lanyard and Franklin Rouse of State Farm Insurance.

And now, to end the suspense, yes indeed, the ribbon was cut!!

We had a good time, good donuts (with powdered sugar all over the carpeting to prove it) and welcome ADT and Nick to NBCC.