Being Bruce -: BNI Business Attractors Meeting 2-3-2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

BNI Business Attractors Meeting 2-3-2010

Our weekly Wednesday 8AM BNI Business Attractors meeting is held at Antonio's Pizza and Pasta Restaurant in Leland, NC. We had a several guests yesterday (and you're welcome to come visit, too, just call me, Bruce Brown, at (910) 297-8753 to let me know you're coming.

In the photo below are member Brad Hodges of Primary Capital, guest Brian Finegan of Handy Husbands for Hire, and member Scott Schmidt of Carolina Creations landscaping design company.

Chapter member Dr. Matt Bradshaw of the Leland Health Center gave a great presentation on stretches anyone can use (but especially people who spend a lot of time driving, sitting, or working on computers) to stretch their lower and middle back and legs. In the two photos below he demonstrates simple stretches with chapter member Eddie Hughes of ATMC.

Guest Melissa Hewett and member Eddie Hughes, both of ATMC.

Guest Randy Larson of East Coast Staging, member Marge Brown of Fat City Cards, and member Dr. Matthew Bradshaw.

A good meeting, thanks to you all. Oh, and we're going to have a huge event on March 3rd, so start gathering your business cards. In the meantime, you can come to any meeting, any Wednesday at 8AM. Call me.