Being Bruce -: Leland, NC BNI Business Attractors Visitors Day March 3rd

Friday, February 26, 2010

Leland, NC BNI Business Attractors Visitors Day March 3rd

Looking for some early morning business networking and great entertainment?

On Wednesday March 3rd the BNI Business Attractors Chapter is holding an open Visitor's Day from 8AM till 9:30AM at Antonio's Pizza and Pasta Restaurant at 1107 New Pointe Boulevard in Leland, NC. And you're welcome to attend. - That's the early morning business networking part.

BNI is a structured business networking group that meets weeks with one member per industry. There are 9 Chapters in Southeastern North Carolina with several startup groups, which are called "Core" groups.

On hand at the Visitors Day will be Leland residents Kathy and Jack Henderson, also known as Side by Side Duo. They play, they sing, they entertain - they're a good time. So that's the great entertainment part!

Here's a short video from the Side by Side Duo ribbon-cutting with the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce where they played for dancing Chamber of Commerce members and staff - which was entertaining all by itself!

For more information about BNI, Business Networking International, click this link.

For information about the Leland Business Attractors Chapter, see this blog.

This is an open BNI Visitors Day so even if your industry or business is represented by someone on the membership list (viewable on the blog), we'd still like you to come.