Being Bruce -: Wilmington Twestival

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wilmington Twestival

Twestival will be held March 25th this year at The River Room. Today Ty Downing, the official chief Twestival organizer, held the first planning meeting.

Sarah Barbee of FussBudget Promotions is in the house and planning food and drink.

Lori Lorusso of Perspective Internet Marketing is overseeing who's doing what. Shannan Bowen of the StarNews is doing a whole lot including talking with entertainers.

David Nye and Greg Tumolo of are working with vendors, sponsors, seems like pretty much everything.

So, for a start, here's a Facebook Fan Page . The Twitter account is, but all last year's content has been erased, so hang in for that. Web site coming soon. Here are the major deets: March 25, 5:30-10PM, The River Room at 18 S Water Street in Wilmington, NC, at least one band, 20 bucks to get in, all goes to Twestival (which means water and survival level assistance in parts of the world that dearly need it), there will be door prizes, t-shirts for the first ticket buyers, lots of fun, lots of good folks and all for a good cause. Chime in, help out, show up.