Being Bruce -: Tom Does It Downtown! - Once again Wilmington's people are it's greatest attraction and asset

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tom Does It Downtown! - Once again Wilmington's people are it's greatest attraction and asset

Ya know, I've just gotta say that as a Realtor, Wilmington's people - natives and newcomers alike - are the very best reason to move here, to play here, to work here and to do business here. It was the people in the greater Wilmington area that helped Marge and I make our decision to move here 7 years ago and we've never looked back.

Yesterday I met a friend and client Tom Pechar from Atlanta at the Port City Java at 21a North Front Street (you know, right in the middle of the street reconstruction project). Tom's here, to be joined by his wife, high-tech PR and marketing powerhouse Ann Revall-Pechar for the weekend while they check out the Wilmington area's work and business and lifestyle worlds.

Tom and I were going to meet for a quick coffee before we each went off to separate days' full schedules.

Right off I saw and introduced Tom to Abi Blackerby. Abi is an artist (see her really cool colorful work at Nsalo Salon) and the Marketing Director at Orton Plantation (where they're having a huge Bridal event on February 28th).

Next, also at PCJ, we saw Annie Anthony. Annie, as many of you know, is the director of the Cape Fear Volunteer Center.

We left a bit later and immediately met Wilmington City Councilman Charlie Rivenbark and his son Chad on the corner of Market and N. Front Street. Charlie's company has listed the commercial building on the corner and they were talking about its potential.

We turned right on Market, left on Water Street and went to The River Room to see if anyone was there and proprietor Ray Baca was in the house. Tom and Ray had a good deal in common including working at roughly the same time in Seattle.

Shortly after that I left for my appointments and Tom for his. The point is that in a little less than an hour Tom got to meet five Wilmington area folks with whom he had at least one or two common points of interest or experience. I don't how many other medium-sized cities offer such great people, but it happens in Wilmington daily.

So why don't you get to the riverfront yourself sometime soon and Do It Downtown.

Oh yeah, and if you're looking for real estate - I can hook you up with that, too!