Being Bruce -: Nsalo - OK, It's My New Hair Cut Place

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nsalo - OK, It's My New Hair Cut Place

It was seriously time I found a new place to get a hair cut. So I decided to venture across the river to Nsalo, at 212 N. Front Street in Wilmington. A friend of ours, Melissa Kinnamon is a stylist there and I decided it was time to get a big boy haircut and actually ask to be styled.

Nsalo (before you get all excited about the exotic name, it's just the word "salon" spelled a little off -- move the 'n' to the front), anyway, it's a pretty cool place.

Melissa (on the right) "styled" my hair, which was kind of a trip since neither of us could remember the name of the actor I thought I wanted it to look like though we were both thinking about the same guy (I think).
And here's the finished product. Before I messed it up some more - which I'm supposed to do.
I realize this is a pretty self-indulgent blog post. But if you can't have fun getting your hair cut, um, styled, when can you? In case you, too, are looking for a new stylist, call Melissa at (910) 251-9666.
Also, here's an early heads up for a business networking event: The next Wilmington Professional Group meeting will be held at Nsalo on September 9th at 6PM.