Being Bruce -: It Was Strictly Business at The Reel Cafe in Downtown Wilmington

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It Was Strictly Business at The Reel Cafe in Downtown Wilmington

So it looks like Curtis Wright (the morning guy) and Derek Sellers (the sales guy) aren't kidding about holding Strictly Business networking events on a weekly basis. This week the event was held at The Reel Cafe at 100 South Front Street in downtown Wilmington. The cause/charity/organization that got the nod for this week's sponsorship was John Hinnant's

The Reel Cafe is a cool place to meet (well, generally, it was kinda hot and muggy yesterday because that was the weather), on the corner of Front and Dock Streets.
Before the event got started I talked a bit with Barbara Dill Jordan of Dill Upholstery (, Wilmington's oldest upholstery business, started by Barbara's Dad 54 years ago. She was at a table with our mutual good friend Sam Nguyen of Samantha's Coastal Interiors (
When the clock struck 5 and people started arriving in mass I went outside and one of the first people I saw was Steve West of N2 Publishing. Steve's a real good guy so it was appropriate to see him at the Reel Cafe. (ouch)
Accupunturist Kris Peterson is enthusiastic about pretty much everything, which makes it a pleasure to see him. In this case he was enthusiastic about the watermelon.
Ethos Studios Eleazar Herrara and Sea-Comm Media (The Big Talker) sales guy Derek Sellers (don't you love it when people's names reflect their occupations?).
Donna May of Party Lite.
Jon Hicks of Ethos Studios. I first met Jon a couple of months ago at a Wilmington Professionals Group event. He and Eleazar and the other folks at Ethos do impressive work. Go check out their web site just to see the pleasant designs. Nice.

Local SEO guy Klif Kinnamon coming through the crowd. He's a good guy and his wife Melissa, a stylist at Nsalo Salon is the person I blogged about a couple of days ago. At the end of this post is a short video with an oyster experiment.

OK, so maybe this post is a bit heavy with plugs for Jon and Eleazar's Ethos Studios, but they truly do rock.
Mary Bennies of the Town Planner laughing with The Big Talker's Curtis Wright (on the left) and Derek Sellers (you may recall he's the sales guy).
Here's Mary Bennies again (she's around town a lot talking about her new-to-the-area event calendars which are well-established in other parts of the country. Check out her Town Planner site. To Mary's right is Paul Salone of Pest Xperts.
And now a series of crowd shots at Strictly Business.

Our buddy Klif Kinnamon was on hand and let me film him in his first experience eating a raw oyster. Let's just say he's not yet a big fan.

Next week's Strictly Business event is at Port City Chop House on Eastwood Road - see you there from 5-7PM. Check each week on and look under Events/Strictly Business for that week's location.