Being Bruce -: Can Brownies Bring Business?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can Brownies Bring Business?

Well we sure know they can. Sending incredibly good-tasting brownies to family and friends is a really nice thing to do. When you send them to customers, clients and prospects it prompts a call. What a nice thing to do!

If you're in the Wilmington-Leland, North Carolina area or will be tomorrow, August 19th, come join us for lunch to see what this is all about.

We'll have a brownie tasting, have lunch, and those who want to can experience how easy and quick it is to send a box of amazing brownies to a business or personal contact.

Click on the image below for full details or just call Marge Brown at (910) 431-1508 or e-mail at to RSVP.

And yes, this is for sure a business thing that Marge and I do and I don't often pitch business in this blog, but we're so pumped about these brownies I wanted to be sure to put the word out.