Being Bruce -: Summer Gala at Brunswick Forest - Shrimp, Pool, and Live Music!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Gala at Brunswick Forest - Shrimp, Pool, and Live Music!

At least once a year the developers of Brunswick Forest through a party for property owners. Last night's Summer Gala by the Wellness Center pool was especially sweet for Marge and I as yesterday was our 39th wedding anniversary. Few of the 580 attendees knew about our anniversary, it's true, but we had a great time and ended our stay with a dance by the pool.

Inimitable photographer Greg Darrow greeted arrivals and did his usual roam-around-and-make-people-happy-while-shooting-them routine - he's truly a one of a kind and it's always a pleasure to see him. Big guy, big smile, big heart, super photographer.

Wellness Center Food and Beverage Manager Brian Hughes was working hard as usual, but stopped for a second.

Sales staff servers at one of the food stations - this one had peel and eat shrimp and excellent corn on the cob.
David Kubes didn't stop moving.
Marge on the left, David smiling.
Out at the beer wagon, Denis Symington and Kim Fanelli were serving.
Cape Fear National Course Manager Chad Anderson in the orange shirt. At the time I didn't even notice our friends Beau Solomine and Dan Boyle in the background - they've just moved here from New Jersey.

Marge and Chris Diedrich at the Chicken Satay food station.
When Dan and Beau came around to this side of the pool they graciously didn't mention that I totally didn't seem them when Beau waved earlier. If you see Dan around, ask him about the two mounted bears in their bonus room.

Marge with Ellen Clifford (in the reddish-orange top) with several of Ellen's friends (which means I forgot most of their names.)
I remember these names, though. That's Gail, Kurt, Ellen, and Julia! (Someone please correct me if needed.)
Another good time and another decent shot of the pool.
And thanks again for the super anniversary party.