Being Bruce -: Cool New Area Networking Event Calendar Is UP!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cool New Area Networking Event Calendar Is UP!

If you wish for an easy way to keep track of the networking events in the greater Wilmington NC and Bruswick County areas in southeastern North Carolina (and who doesn't?), you wish has been answered.

David Merrill of Wilmington has put up a Google event calendar for local networking events that so far looks great.

David, who can also be found at or as @DavidMMerrill (that's two M's two r's and two l's), is a good guy and easy to spot in a crowd. I think, if I look around, I might just have a photo of him. Be right back . . . .

OK, I found one:

Actually I think it may just be David's favorite photo, with Hibiske Insurance Group's Erin Alderman on the left (leaning into the photo) and Star-News social media and breaking news reporter Shannan Bowen on the right.

So, if you know of a networking event coming up, e-mail with the info. As he says on the calendar site, "I will gladly add ALL NETWORKING, Ribbon Cuttings and Grand Opening events to the calendar with limited community events. Community events like Downtown @ Sundown and the Azelea Fest that draw large crowds will be added."

Good work, David.