Being Bruce -: Wilmington Tweetup Goes Cosmic - August 17, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wilmington Tweetup Goes Cosmic - August 17, 2009

Well, we did it again! A successful Wilmington Tweetup was had by all late Monday afternoon at Chris' Cosmic Kitchen on Eastwood Road in Wilmington.

Chris' C.K., as you know has fabulous shrimp bisque, awesome cheesecake, and great omelets. I hear from my buddy Brad Hodges that their meatloaf sandwiches are to die for, so maybe we'll check that out soon.

Just for fun, before most people arrived, I took a few shots of the restaurant, including the menu (below). If you click on the image it's a pretty high resolution file and you can get an idea of the width and breadth of their selections.

This is Kristin Lubben, one half of the Lubben family that owns CCK.
Coach Reggie Shropshire looking pensive, the awesome Dawn Bugni and Natasha Davis laughing.
Designer extraordinaire Brooke Foreman of braved the humidity to ride her bike to the event.
Inside, Brooke relaxes while Jessica Howell signs in and Reggie laughs at Kimberly Brumsey's posing - they were laughing about their near identical cars.
So here are Kimberly and Reggie with their BMW 704i's. Kimberly laughed because "hers is bigger" (she has a 740iL).
Star-News social media beat reporter Shannan Bowen, Brooke, and Brian David.
Good buddy Matt Trostle and Dawn Bugni meet in person for the first time (they've been following each other on Twitter for a while - of course that was a lot of that at this Tweetup).
Tim Moore, of meets Reggie.
A bunch of folks, notably Gayle Tabor and Jenn Beddoe both of Glynne's Soaps (they are cooking up a new "coffee soap" as a follow on to their successful beer soap - really). They were explaining it all to Dawn (back to camera.).
A little bit later Gayle and Dawn talked about a Tweetup for pets and pet owners - they are both waay interested in dogs - come to think of it, so am I and most other social media users. Hmmm, wonder what that means?
Natasha Davis meeting someone else for the first time while in the background Shannan was locked and loaded. Here's Shannan Bowen's blog about the Wilmington Tweetup (she beat me to it).
Reggie chats with Natasha while the Star News' night editor and social media umbermeister Jim Ware gets iPhoned by bro Ty Downing.

Jared Lee, a minister and web designer and new Wilmington resident, talks with Marge Brown and Rick Huston.
Tim Moore take a photo of Chris and Kristin Lubben, the owners of CCK.
The whole camera thing getting out of hand as Kristin and Crhis both take photos while Tim Tweets.
So that's it, folks, a look at another gadget get-together. The next one will be on September 30th from 5:30-7:30 at an as yet unannounced location.