Being Bruce -: Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Goes Mega!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Goes Mega!

Well that was certainly a success. Congrats to the Connie Majure-Rhett, Vera Weiss and the rest of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce for hosting one of if not the best Mega-After Hours this town has seen. There was more food on the vendors' tables than a crowd 5 times the size could eat and the energy level was thru the very high ceiling of the Coastline Convention Center.

David Merrill of Hertz Rentals and the Wilmington Area Networking Events Calendar came through the door ready to network!
Nationwide's Karen Shanley worked her way through the growing crowd.
Here's another crowd shot, oops, there's Karen again.

Ann and Ezell Willard of All Kinds of Stuff talked with an attendee.
Josh Caine of Past Present Future Digital, Inc. and Jon Hicks of Ethos Studios.

Mary Bennies' TownPlanner booth was busy. Mary started this successful community and business promotional calendar in Leland and is bringing it to Wilmington very soon.
Mark Evans of Green Cleaning Technicians, LLC
The ever-dapper Michael Byrd of
Michael and Karen
Mike Moore, owner of Atlantic Car Care in Wilmington.
Publisher Rob Kaiser and Account Exec Maggi Apel of The Greater Wilmington Business Journal.
Sabina Newman of SCN Insight and Frances Nichols of Coastline Mortgage.
Thanks WCC, it was great.