Being Bruce -: OK, Sheila Ripped It Up Again! Capeside Animal Hospital's Business After Hours

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OK, Sheila Ripped It Up Again! Capeside Animal Hospital's Business After Hours

Last October Dr. Sheila Hanby, owner of Capeside Animal Hospital set the bar high for other Business After Hours run by the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce. This week Sheila outdid herself and the crowd that showed up and stayed was clear evidence that the bar has been raised once again, even higher.

As usual Scott Reeves was on hand to help set up. In the Fall and Winter he's Santa Claus, but all year long he's a cheerful, can-do guy who's always around doing more than his share.
Marge Brown, Frank Bullara, and Michael Byrd before the event, ready to par-tee!
An hour before the event the scheduled band re-scheduled. but that's OK, because Ralph Justice and Anthony Reichmon of Quilted Sky were great! They had the crowd swaying and singing along for 3 hours.

NBCC Board Member Mike Leggett in line for the buffet, checking out one of Vet Sheila's signs.
While others were eating, drinking, dancing and carrying on, it was still business for the staff of Capeside Animal Hospital checking out the last of the day's patients.

Dan Cameron may be the friendliest guy you'll ever meet. I don't think Dan knows how NOT to smile. I'm not sure I'd recognize him with any other expression.
NBCC President George Murry.
Don't hold back, Marge, let us know how you really feel about this event.Cool folks kept on arriving as the band began to rock! That's Marilyn Darrow in the black dress.
Dan Hagin in the red shirt and Rick Paxton and his daughter in the background.
Jon and Kristin Tait.

Jeff Harvell.

Dr. Adams, Heather Britt and Bernadette Hayes.
Dr. Sheila tells Justin Williams that THIS is the way to throw a party. (BTW, in addition to everything else Sheila did for this great event, she also made a banana pudding that had grown men wide-eyed - or at least Greg Darrow and Bruce Brown. She said the recipe is from the Food Network under "Not Yo Momma's Banana Pudding", but I can't imagine her careful preparation didn't make it even better.
Jim Bozeman

Dana Fisher
Dennis Walsh of Charley Macgrooders catered - a dynamite selection.
Service dog Lady on hand in case anyone needed help.
Here's a shot of some of the food - the photo doesn't do it justice. Lady in the background to help out in case any food was spilled.

As she did last year, Sheila served Human Rabies shots - some red stuff in syringes. And also, as he did last year, Vincent Pearsall did quality control.
Marge pausing to wave.
Photographer supremo Logan Wallace in animated discussion with Shannan Bowen of the Star-News and Justin Williams of NBM Magazine. Not sure what she was talking about, but she has such an expressive face I took a couple more shots.

Shannan Bowen being very cautious about the Human Rabies Shots - a good move, I'd say.
Mark, Brenda, Jim, and George - their album comes out next month.

Notice Brian Hartzell on the right talking with Rick Paxton. Brian's on the pavement, Rick is on the curb. Brian is a very tall guy.
Charlie Rivenbark knows everyone in the two towns (Leland and Wilmington). In this case the guy opposite him is his son!
Victor Pearsall continuing his quality control duties.
This was most of the bartending wait staff - one hard working woman opted out of the photo.

People keep telling Ken and I we look like specific male actors. You guess who they supposedly are. The winners get free Human Rabies Shots at Sheila's BAH next year!
Dan Hagin and Todd Godbey.

Scott, Mark, and Dana.
Peggy O'Leary

Bernadette Hayes and Erin Alderman

Monica Clark and Kerry Kasotsky
Greg Darrow makes a point (and yes, you might recognize him, because he IS a television actor, and also a super photographer)
Wendy Hunt, photographer of NBM Magazine grabbed my camera to take this shot - she does this at some events when she thinks it's enough already of my shooting others. And, as you can see, I don't resist because I want to be polite.
So then Dave Merrill of Hertz Rentals took my camera from Wendy and took this one, too. So see, Wendy and Dave, I really will include shots of myself. Now give me back my camera.
Amanda Tyler of Carolina Events and Tents talks while Bernadette walks.
Marge and Mary Jo

Dave Merrill and Shannon.
Dave, Shannon, and leaning Erin.

Dana was a fan of the banana pudding, too.
Phyllis and George Murray and billboard star Franklin Rousse.
Sheila . . . you done awesome. You are awesome. Thanks again for a great event that does our area proud.