Being Bruce -: The Big Talker Rocks Port City Chop House - But It's Strictly Business!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Big Talker Rocks Port City Chop House - But It's Strictly Business!

This week's Strictly Business networking event was held at the Port City Chop House on Eastwood Road. Organized and promoted by The Big Talker FM and hosted by morning guy Curtis Wright, these events are growing in popularity and attendance. Tonight's may have been a record breaker as the Chop House bar was full to over-flowing with eager attendees.

Each week Strictly Business focuses on a local cause or charity. This week The spotlight was on the Junior League of Wilmington and their program that benefits children. In the photo below are building contractor Dixon Ivey and Junior League of Wilmington President Lisa Bowling.
Paul Salone of Mosquito Xperts is a pro at networking. Also a good guy.
Olympic Mortgage's Susan Adams and accupuncturist Kris Peterson.

JLW Pres Lisa Bowling and Communications VP Gin Rynk.
Vincent Prisco of Nuvox and Curtis Wright, The Big Talker morning guy.
A designing mother-daughter duo Seton Chamberlin and Jennifer Buckley of The Pavilion Deluxe Shoppes and D'Interni Design.
Michael Wright of Word Wright Web and Toby Baccante of Mid-Atlantic Printing in a rare lull in the networking action.

Fred Krumpel of Strickland's Window Coverings.
Fred Krumpel and sales coach Ron Silver.
The Big Talker sales guy, account exec Derek Sellers.
Paige Freeman was on hand shooting for The Big Talker.
Barbara Gray of Pre-Paid Legal and her husband Erik Gray of United First Financial.
Elaine Huston of Pre-Paid Legal and SheetZ, with her husband Rick Huston of United First Financial.
Mary Bennies of The Town Planner and Toby Baccante.
Donna May of PartyLite and Vincent Prisco.
Junior League of Wilmington greeters Beth Dixon and Jennifer Fletcher.
Scott Ball, President of Coastal Document Systems and Gin Rynk.
As time went on the crowd grew,
and grew,
grew some more,
started overflowing,
and kept on growing. That's our buddy Lam Nguyen of Alpha Mortgage (blue shirt) arriving at the height of the action.
So all in all, a great turnout.

Next week's Strictly Business will be at Mid-Town Seafood on Oleander. See you there from 5-7PM.