Being Bruce -: Networking Event Tip #25 - Look for Ways to Help

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Networking Event Tip #25 - Look for Ways to Help

If you believe, as I do, that most of your business and all of your really good business comes from relationships, then this tip has special significance. Helping others purely for the sake of helping is a nice to do, a good to do and also a surefire way to help your own reputation and business. Even if you sell a commodity and have a lock on your market, boosting your service and finding ways to help others can make life more pleasant and rewarding and may repay you in ways you've never considered.

At networking events one easy way to help others is to make kind, appropriate introductions between people who attend the event. You can also help the organizers, hosts, and sponsors, but look for ways you can help people who attend. That doesn't mean you have to wait on people, but as you listen to what they say about their lives or their businesses, if you listen with an ear for ways you can assist them, you will discover that often without spending any money and little or no time or physical effort you can indeed render help.

A common suggestion for increasing business profitability is to increase your level of service. In the same vein, a great way to get more from your business networking is to find ways to take your level of service even higher.

This post is one in a series on how to make the most of in-person networking events. If you're going to go (and I suggest you do if your business benefits from relationships), you might as have the most fun possible and give and receive the greatest benefits from the occasion.

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