Being Bruce -: Sam's Club Ribbon Cutting

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sam's Club Ribbon Cutting

It's ribbon-cutting time again at the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce. This week our celebration is for Sam's Club. Below Corey Sutherland, Sam's Club Benefits coordinator and Jeff Harvell, NBCC board member are chatting with the group.

In the lounge Sam's Club New Business Representative Yolanda Holmes and Chamber member Kerry Kasotsky.

Sam's Club Business Marketing Representative Doug Wycoff and the Reverend Jay Merritt.
NBCC Executive Director Terry Grillo gives Corey some preliminary instructions (we take our ribbon-cuttings very seriously).

The assembled group, pre-cut.

The actual cut.

After the ceremony Corey found a great use for the ribbon.

Corey, Yolanda and Doug brought a great cake for the celebration. (It didn't last long.)

So welcome to the NBCC, Sam's Club, we're glad to have you as new members.