Being Bruce -: Relationship Marketing Tip #23– Keep Track

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Relationship Marketing Tip #23– Keep Track

Of course you're busy and sometimes have troubles prioritizing and keeping up with everything you'd like to do, let alone all the tasks and activities you're supposed to do. It goes without saying that if you're in business or professionally active you should be barely keeping up with the essentials. So join the club.

But you still need to spend a significant amount of time marketing and as is apparent in this series of tips, I firmly believe that the best marketing is when you work on relationships. While much of your work in relationships is subjective, it's also a good idea to set goals and keep track of your performance contact.

For example, while it's easy and gets even easier to always work with the same contacts and customers, if you don't actively reach out to grow your circle, your business will falter over time. Depending on your business, service, or profession the numbers will vary, but it's a great idea to set a quantifiable, measureable number of new contacts to make and with whom to follow up and build relationships over a set time period. For example, perhaps you can set a goal to meet two new people a week and get them into your contact manager and your relationship system.

If you don't set quantifiable numbers in your overall relationship sphere building, you're very likely to stagnate, so get busy, set a number and track it. It might help to set a reward for yourself for reaching your numbers, but the important point is to set a goal and keep track of it. Exactly how you do the tracking is less important than actually having a tracking system.