Being Bruce -: Relationship Marketing Tip #19– Toll the Bells

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Relationship Marketing Tip #19– Toll the Bells

Be sure to take notice and spread the word about others’ good deeds, awards, and accomplishments.

This tip has to be so obvious that it can be very short. When you help promote others, even if by just sending a congratulatory note on social media, that act repays you multifold. You can't predict how, when, or from whom the repayment will come, and maybe it will be indirect and you won't get the connection, but taking public notice of others' wins is a nice thing to do for them and is an easy way to strengthen relationships.

Do be careful not to become overly promotional or hype-y in this effort -- that could rebound on you because it might embarrass the person and make you look pretty foolish. For example, if a client finishes her first local marathon, it's a nice idea to write about it and congratulate her. If you went overboard, however, and started talking about her as a future Olympian based on this won event, that would be pretty silly. So ease back, you don't need to go into promotional overdrive. A simple "Congrats to Megan for competing and completing the Lake to River Marathon last weekend." is sufficient.