Being Bruce -: NBCC - Sweet Nectar's Ribbon Cutting

Thursday, September 3, 2009

NBCC - Sweet Nectar's Ribbon Cutting

There were at least two surprises at the Sweet Nectar's Florist ribbon-cutting held by the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce on September 1st. The first surprise was the number of people who showed up for a 10AM ribbon-cutting - while I don't have an actual count, I'd guess there were somewhere between 40 to 60 people. The second surprise was that, perhaps because of the great turnout and opportunity to network and meet friends old and new, perhaps because the food was both plentiful and good, or maybe because the environment was just so flat out beautiful, folks just wanted to hand out and hang in.

Outside the building looks pretty much like most of the Olde Waterford Shoppes.
The sign is pretty cute, but only hints of the inside.
In addition to a row of display coolers (here admired by Brenda Bozeman and Marge Brown),
There are a good number of decorated display settings.
Even the sales counter is attractive.

Alice Razzano.
As you can see, as the crowd began to grow and more folks showed up, it got pretty lively.
Bert Exum and Sheila Hanby.

Mary Bennies of The Town Planner talks with another guest.
Connie Reeves and Alice.

NBCC President George Murray
Brenda, Justin Williams, and Bert.

NBCC Executive Director Terry Grillo
Getting ready for the big cut
Once again a successful cut! Co owners Jerry Rivenbark (in the light blue shirt), Debi Osborne, and Steven Kenneday are flanked by NBCC members and staff.

Pastor Jay Merritt, Mary Bennies, and Dianne Merritt.
Few of us could resist going back to the table, which was mysteriously re-filled with tasty mid-morning treats.
So, once again, Leland and the rest of North Brunswick shows up for a good time in support of a new local business.