Being Bruce -: Strictly Business in Wilmington, NC - MidTown Seafood

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Strictly Business in Wilmington, NC - MidTown Seafood

Each Wednesday from 5-7PM in the Wilmington area Curtis Wright of The Big Talker FM Morning hosts a Strictly Business networking gathering. There is no admission charge. The events are held at local restaurants and clubs and each week a local charity, cause, or non-profit organization is highlighted.

Here's Curtis as a talking head giving the 411 on Strictly Business:

This week's Strictly Business showcased the Lower Cape Fear Hospice and LifeCare Center. During each Strictly Business event attendees are invited to buy tickets for drawings or kick in a buck for that week's good works organization.
At yesterday's event: Joseph Morcos, Sea-Comm Media Account Executive; Frank Zumbro, Colonial Marketing Account Executive; and Curtis Wright

MidTown Seafood, located on Oleander Drive, is a newly opened and sleekly decorated establishment. Even at 5PM on a weekday there were a good number of regular diners, not to mention the folks gathering in the bar for the Strictly Business event.
Networking is serious business, but it can be fun, too! In the photo below Elaine Huston and Barbara Gray chat with two women sitting at the bar.
Next week's Strictly Business networking event will be held at Cameo, a nightclub at Lumina Station on Eastwood Drive. See you there!