Being Bruce -: Relationship Marketing Tip #10 - Chocolate or vanilla?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Relationship Marketing Tip #10 - Chocolate or vanilla?

As much as I like ice cream, this tip is not about desserts. It is, however, about flavors.

Just as some folks may like one ice cream flavor but detest another flavor, so it goes with communication in your relationship marketing. If you're communicating and attempting to "relate" to a large group, you're less able to personalize the methods you use, but even then it's wise to pull out your top clients, prospects or contacts to consider tailored communications methods selection as well as personalized messages.

Let me put this more plainly. Some folks hate e-mail and rarely even check it. Some folks never answer cell phones and seldom listen to voice mail or return calls. If you relied on e-mail with the former or incessant phone call campaigns with the latter, you'd clearly be not only wasting your time, but have a good shot of attaining the opposite of your desired results.

The very best strategy? Ask. Say something like, "When I follow up, would you prefer e-mail, a phone call, or some other method?" People will tell you. And if they tell you to send e-mail or call them, ask which account or number is best. For phone calls it also a good idea to ask what time or day is best.

Suiting your choice and use of communications to the preferences and styles of your contacts is a great way to not only maximize your communications effectiveness but also to improve their opinion about you.