Being Bruce -: Relationship Marketing Tip #20 – Testify!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Relationship Marketing Tip #20 – Testify!

Give testimonials. Whenever one of your clients, contacts, friends, or prospects gives you good service or provides a valuable product, consider giving some form of testimonial. Just sending an unexpected card or note can be a nice way to support others and you may be surprised how often those cards or notes will show up on desks, counters or walls in others' places of business, serving as a surprisingly public testimonial.

When you offer testimonials, consider other media in addition to cards and notes. For example, audio or video testimonials are powerful because listeners and viewers can relate better. Audio and view clips can also be used on websites and blogs effectively as well.

Here are seven types of testimonials:

1. A personable personality with or without a photo that your contact's market will relate to.

2. Measurable results - particularly in income but also in other measures such as weight, customers, profit, or speed.

3. A compelling short story.

4. A recognized expert in the field.

5. A recognized expert in any field.

7. A celebrity.

Offering testimonials for friends or contacts only makes sense when you have sincere reasons to do so, of course, but overall the value of a strong testimonial is such that it can be a major benefit to the recipient and therefore be a super relationship builder.