Being Bruce -: Relationship Marketing Tip #9 - Variety Trumps Frequency

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Relationship Marketing Tip #9 - Variety Trumps Frequency

There are many ways to "touch" other people in relationship marketing. Reliance on one or two forms of communication may appear economical and certainly 'easier', but that strategy limits your chance of success.

Consider this list:

Coffee meetings
Breakfast or lunch meetings - one on one
Group lunch or breakfast meetings
Attending or participating in sports events, arts or cultural events, or just hanging out
Teleconference calls
Individual phone calls
Strategic voice mails
E-mail newsletters
Paper newsletters
Handwritten notes
Greeting cards for appreciation, birthdays, thank-you's, holidays, and just for fun
Working together on civic or charitable projects or groups
Advertising in special interest or focused publications or media
Gifting - as in giving gifts
Personalized video or audio messaging
Texting, IMing, Tweeting
Friending, following, or 'being a fan' on social media
Commenting on someone else's blog

All of the above are way to connect in meaningful, sincere way with other people. Most of the methods can be individualized - all can be targeted.

While it's also important to touch other people frequently, using a variety of communications methods actually multiplies your results. So, variety trumps frequency.