Being Bruce -: WECT's Frances Weller and Gary McNair at NBCC Luncheon

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WECT's Frances Weller and Gary McNair at NBCC Luncheon

WECT's News C0-Anchor Frances Weller and Vice President and General Manager Gary McNair were the guest speakers at the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce's monthly luncheon meeting, held this month in the club house at Magnolia Greens in Leland.

Luncheon Co-ordinator Alice Razzano and NBCC Executive Director Terry Grillo chat with Gary McNair before the luncheon.

Board member Connie Reeves.

Board member Jeff Harvell checking in.

Suntrust's Denise Harris was on the list!

Marge Brown of Fat City Cards and board member Todd Godbey of Kidsville News.

Board members Tony Vlach of Nationwide Insurance and Franklin Rouse of State Farm.

Ambassador Mary Anne Fagerquist.

Frances Weller and board member Dana Fisher of Bradford Mortgage.

Board member Justin Williams of NBM Magazine.

Terry Grillo introduces new members.

Frances Weller started by telling us how she got started at WECT in 1982.

Gary McNair talked about his day, fielding phone calls and text messages from viewers reacting to the day's broadcast.

Together Frances and Gary fielded questions from the audience.

We had an attentive group today.

The luncheon was an enjoyable success, thanks to all involved, especially Frances and Gary.