Being Bruce -: Wilmington Professionals - C.W. Worth House

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wilmington Professionals - C.W. Worth House

This month's Wilmington Professional Group's meeting was held at the C.W. Worth House, a working bed and breakfast in the historic district of downtown Wilmington.

The event sponsor was Ethos Studios. Ethos' president Elezear Herrara is below in one of the first floor formal rooms of the Worth House.

Doug and Margi Erickson are the owners of the C.W. Worth House. Thanks a lot to both of you for opening your gracious home to us.

Accupunturist Chris Peterson and Law of Attraction Coach Linda Brett-Kell.

Patt Mason of Mary Kay and Manual Lopez of Ethos.

As they always do, Brian and Andrea Anderson of SendOutCards greeted arrivals at the registration desk.

The official sign by the front door.

The cool carved wooden sign next to the door.

Thurman and Ayres Burgess of Jubilee Snooze and Cruise (a B&B on a 45-foot yacht) showed up smiling in the rain.

Brian, Andrea, Mark Evans of Green Cleaning Technicians, and Kami Pugh of Pugh & Associates Insurance Consultants.

Scott Cromartie of Stevens Mortgage Consulting. Check this out. Scott is a native of Wilmington. When his parents moved here in 1941 (he wasn't born yet) they rented a one bedroom apartment upstairs in the C.W. Worth House. Before last night Scott had never been in this house. How cool is that?

Andrea greeting (and pointing me out to) my friend, marketer and event planner Lori Avery. Her husband Christofre Avery an aerospace and defense consultant is in the background, and that's Dwayne Starks of PC Doc Onsite behind Lori and Chris.
Chris, Lori, and Chris.

Chris and good buddy (and good sport cuz I photograph her everywhere) Mary Bennie of TownPlanner.

A buncha folks. Ok, Chris, Mary, Ray Baca of Ray Baca Photography and the River Room, and Kami Pugh.

If you saw my earlier blog post (from the same evening) you saw David Merrill of Hertz Rentals and Shannan Bowen of the Star-News, who showed up wet at that event. Well they were even wetter when they got to the Wilmington Professionals event.

A lot of folks hung out in the beautiful dining room with a table loaded with great food.

And finally, at the foot of this blog post, Shannan's very wet shoes.

See you next month at the Wilmington Professionals Group.