Being Bruce -: Strictly Business at Carrabbas, October 7, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Strictly Business at Carrabbas, October 7, 2009

OK, Wednesday again, Strictly Business in a new location, Carrabba's in Wilmington. Check this networking event link for the weekly schedule.

I wondered before going in how the growing group of business networkers would fit in Carrabba's which is generally hoppin' at dinner time.

But obviously it worked out well. Right off I saw Barbara Gray (PrePaid Legal) and took this photo, after which joking that was all I needed and could leave, but I stayed.

Jon Hicks of Ethos Studios was engrossed in the news.

There's Curtis Wright, the Big Talker morning guy himself, in the dark striped shirt. Curtis is the host of the Strictly Business events.

Didn't get all the names, but for sure that's Michael Byrd of WordWrightWeb in the tie.

Here's the focus cause for this week.

Steve West of N2 Publishing was at both the Wilmington Downtown Meet & Mingle and at Strictly Business. Steve gets around. That our good friend Mary Bennies of the Town Planner on the right side of the picture.

There's another shot of Mary.

Paige Freeman, a photographer for The Big Talker (a real photographer).

Paige helped with the raffle drawings.

There's another bud, Derek Sellers, a sales guy with Sea-Comm Media, the dapper guy with the tie in the center of the photo.

Donna May of PartyLite Candles right in the middle of the action (and the photo).

The very able wait staff who took care of us at Carrabba's, Josh Taylor (leaning over the bar), Jana Parrish, Colin Wilson, and manager Jacob Peterson.

Another good time and successful business networking event. Next week at The Reel Cafe at 100 S. Front Street.