Being Bruce -: PC Doc Onsite LLC - NBCC Ribbon Cutting

Friday, October 2, 2009

PC Doc Onsite LLC - NBCC Ribbon Cutting

Today we had another ribbon cutting at the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce. Today's event featured Dwayne Starks' PC Doc Onsite LLC, an onsite computer repair company.

Here's the scene of the cutting.

And the sign, today reflecting the slight cloudiness.

Chamber members, ambassadors, and staff awaiting the ceremony. Left to right Karen Ladlay, Peggy O'Leary, Alice Razzano, Terry Grillo, and Linda Mehner.

Marge Brown enters with a smile.

Marge and Peggy.

Dwayne's banner.

Dwayne's service vehicle.

Not bad, huh?
Ready to cut.

It's cut!

As it says on the card to Representative McIntyre, "Thank you for your time."

And thank you, too, Dwayne, for joining the NBCC and for the fine lunch we enjoyed after the ribbon cutting.