Being Bruce -: Wilmington Chamber of Commerce - SunTrust Bank Business After Hours

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wilmington Chamber of Commerce - SunTrust Bank Business After Hours

The Oleander branch of SunTrust bank hosted a Business After Hours for the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce on October 8th.

SunTrust's Denise Harris welcomes an attendee.

In the front parking lot SunTrust's mobile office services demo truck was receiving visitors.

Inside the truck (the walls of which are transparent glass, which was pretty cool), a SunTrust representative gave a quick presentation of the bank's business services.

Outside the truck I was happy to see SunTrust City President Donna Cameron and her guest, Sally Barton, visiting from Georgia. Donna and Sally have been friends since 3rd grade!

Kidsville's Todd Godbey, ActionCoach Reggie Shropshire, and Mike Moore of Atlantic Care Care chatted in the parking lot.

Scott Cromartie crossed he parking lot with a big smile. Scott wears several hats, including BNI Area Director, mortgage consultant with Stevens Mortgage, and member of the Board of Directors of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.

Inside the action was hopping. Here Donna May of PartyLite Candles and Scott Cromartie talk with other attendees.

Rick Huston of United Financial and Jessica Pirone of Just Perfect home staging had big smiles.

As you can see, Donna Cameron kept very busy greeting and talking with guests. She later exhibited a secret talent (secret to me anyway, read on).

Shannon Andrews, who I've known for years and was formerly in real estate, is now working with Michael Byrd at WordWright Web.

Shannan and Michael. I guess the dress code for the company includes matching shirts. Kidding aside, they're both very hard working, professional people. Check out

Anna Schraff of Boys & Girls Homes of NC, Inc. and James Arnold of South-Eastern Commercial Services.

Mark Evans of Green Cleaning Technicians.

Donna Cameron and her Jennifer Wayne.

Donna insisted on taking a photograph of me with Jennifer.

Premier Staffing's Peggy O'Leary and Donna. Both women, btw, are also on the Board of Directors of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce.

And here's Donna's secret talent. She can whistle a crowd of 80-100 networkers to almost instant silence.

Carol Mazure, President and CEO of the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.

Vera Weiss, the WCC's Vice President of Organizational Development and Member Services assisted with the drawings.

Mike Moore won one of the prizes!

More drawings, this time Donna's friend Sally got into the act.

There was a great turn out for this Business After Hours.

Thanks SunTrust and thanks to the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce.