Being Bruce -: NBCC Ribbon Cutting - House of Wine and Cheese

Thursday, October 1, 2009

NBCC Ribbon Cutting - House of Wine and Cheese

The new owners of the House of Wine & Cheese, Chuck and Linda Spittel, held a ribbon-cutting today, sponsored by the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce.

Connie Reeves, Brenda Bozeman, and Marge Brown.

Mike Leggett and Bob Baer, the real photographers, were there early.

Chuck and Linda Spittel

Linda Spittel

Chuck and Linda

Mike and Bob

Dapper Ken Schiess (with the black shirt) and an equally dapper Denise Harris (in the red suit).

Gina Schiess, Yolanda Holmes, and Ken Schiess.

Justin Williams, another real photographer, talks with Chuck.

Ken, Gina, and Yolanda.

Roy Lettieri explaining something to NBCC Executive Director Terry Grillo.

Tony Vlach, Ken Schiess, Sheila Hanby (back to camera), George Murray, Gina Schiess, and Jeff Harvell.

The photographers get everyone ready for the actual cutting.

Bob Baer blessing the crowd (actually he was giving them a focal point).

Getting ready to cut.

Leaning in and pressing down.

A successful cut!

Donna Cameron and Denise Harris.

Brenda, Connies, Shiela, and George.

Tony Vlach and Monica Clark.

So welcome to the chamber Chuck and Linda, we're glad to have you!