Being Bruce -: Business Social Media Tip #12 - Link to Your Blog

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Business Social Media Tip #12 - Link to Your Blog

Here's a strategy that works well, but don't do it first. Including links to your blog in social media posts can be an effective way to drive traffic to your blog. However, if you overdo it, meaning that a high proportion or even all of your social media posts point to your blog, this strategy can backfire and cause followers and friends to dump you like bad soup.

So, in the most elemental but acceptable way to link to your blog, engage in conversations with others, post about other topics, and then only occasionally point to your company blog. When you do so, include at least a minimal clue why people should click the link. A Twitter post that reads "See my blog" isn't going to work well because 1. it comes across as blatant pressure and 2. there's no compelling reason for people to go there.

If you use your blog to discuss or highlight industry, business, or regional issues, those posts can provide content your social media followers might want to check out, but even then you need to give them a clue why they should go there.

One way you might build response is to include the title of new blog posts in your social media updates and have the titles do double duty in catching interest and providing some indication of the blog posts content. Once people reach your blog, if the blog itself is appealing and adds value, then hopefully they'll look around and read more than just the post that brought them there.

Another way to draw readers to your blog is to post discussions of solutions to common problems or newsworthy topics relative to your business or industry and then, when watching the stream or updates on various social media sites, if you see someone addressing a topic you've covered in your blog, it would be natural to refer to it and, either directly or waiting to be asked, provide a link.

However you work to send people to your blog via social media, the key is having it seem natural and helpful; similar to sharing a resource or news with a friend. If references or links to your blog seem forced, the odds of this strategy working well for you decrease.