Being Bruce -: Strictly Business - Reel Cafe - 10-14-09

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Strictly Business - Reel Cafe - 10-14-09

It was a dark and stormy night, err, afternoon, when Dave Murray and I set out for the Strictly Business networking event (sponsored as always by The Big Talker FM) in benefit of Wilmington Downtown, Inc. at the Reel Cafe on the corner of Front and Dock Streets. The event was held outside under the Reel Cafe's canopy (plus some additional tarps) and, while the crowd was likely lessened by the incessant rain, the diehards plus some new faces showed up!

Below are Dave Murray, a friend who recently moved to our area from Albany, NY, Terry Hall of RSVP, and the always smiling Reggie Shropshire of ActionCoach.

Rebecca Powell of Coastal Mail, James Arnold of South-Eastern Commercial Services, and Reggie.

Rick Huston of United First Financial and Curtis Wright, the event host and Big Talker morning guy.

James Arnold and Elaine Huston of Prepaid Legal.

Reggie, first time visitor Angelina Sereno of SkyBox Creative, and yours truly.

Dave and Angelina.

Anna Scharff of Boys and Girls Homes of North Carlina and James.

Sea-Comm Media (they own The Big Talker FM) sales guy Derek Sellers.

Paige Freeman, photographer for Sea-Comm Media.

Josh Caine of Past Present Future Digital and Reggie.
Djenana Ninkovic of Moxie Floral Design Studio and Tim Patton of The Upper Room.
Nikole Howard of Jerry's Food, Wine & Spirits, Lee Ann Haggerty of Wilmington Downtown, Inc., and Ronnie Anderson of RBC Bank.

Elaine Huston and Mary Bennies of TownPlanner, sitting dangerously close to the rain.

David Merrill of Hertz Rentals (and also the guy that set up and maintains the Greater Wilmington Networking Calendar) and Shannan Bowen of the Star-News literally came in out of the rain.

Here's a better shot of Shannan.

Dwayne Starks of PC Doc Onsite (facing the camera) seems to always get caught in conversation by people with computer problems or questions.

So it was wet, but it was still a successful event. You can check online at David Merrill's calendar, or directly at The Big Talker FM Strictly Business event page for each week's location.