Being Bruce -: Out of Eden Soap Boutique

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Out of Eden Soap Boutique

Yesterday Marge and I visited Out of Eden Soap Boutique on Wrightsville Avenue in Wilmington, NC.

Inside are rooms of displays with handmade soaps.

I don't think the ducks are soap, but the alphabet letters in the jars sure are.

Marge doing some grandkid shopping.

In the back room Jennifer Sykes, a volunteer from Mt. Olive Church was making soap that will be sold to benefit children in Honduras.

Here's another shot of Jennifer with a two-handed soap knife.

Ever wonder how scented soap gets its scent? Here's a clue.

OK, so if this is sort of a princess-type store, here's the princess.

Eileen Kubes and her sister, Carol Crow, the owner of Out of Eden.

An interesting store. Check out the selection of handmade soaps at the Out of Eden website .