Being Bruce -: Wilmington Professional Group at North Chase SPA-LON

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wilmington Professional Group at North Chase SPA-LON

For its last regular monthly meeting of the year, the Wilmington Professional Group went all out at Sandy Powell's North Chase SPA-LON. Below Brian Anderson of SendOutCards greeted members and guests as they arrived.

David Merrill of Hertz (oops, back to camera, sorry David) and Michael Bird of WordWright Web.

David Nye had a display for ClickCheckSave.Com a local business membership service with bonuses and offers good for a full year. All attendess at this event got a free one year membership.

A better shot of David Merrill, this time with Ann Willard of All Kinds of Stuff promotional products company.

Ezell Willard of All Kinds of Stuff and Wilmington accupuncturist Chris Peterson.

A goodly-sized crowd built quickly.

Mark Evans of Green Cleaning Technicians.

Debra LaRue of U-First.

Sandy Powell of North Chase SPA-LON, Debra LaRue, and Gayle Tabor and Jenn Beddoes of Glynne's Soaps.

Shannon Andrews of WordWright Web.

Natasha Davis of Wilmington Communities in School arrived laughing. Natasha's laugh is contagious.

Neal Whitington, Ezell Willard, Ann Willard, and Dee Whitington.

A better shot of Ann and Dee.

So the Wilmington Professional Group had another very successful event. Be sure to check the group's website for upcoming meetings.