Being Bruce -: CORE Physical Therapy Ribbon-Cutting

Thursday, March 11, 2010

CORE Physical Therapy Ribbon-Cutting

We had a fun ribbon-cutting at CORE Physical Therapy in Leland this week. Tricia Delp and Fre Ireland own and operate CORE and we had a good turnout and a great time.

Here's the crew before the cut. The guy with the blue shirt in the middle is Fred Ireland. To his right is Tricia Delp. To Fred's immediate right is George Murray, NBCC President. Also, notice the guy on the far left. That's Charlie Koenig - you'll want that info later (see below).

Jeff Harvell in the rose-colored shirt talking with George Murray.

Fred Ireland, Franklin Rouse, Dana Fisher, Scott Reeves and Kerry Kasotsky.

Photographers Bob Baer (on the chair) and Justin Williams.

It was Justin's birthday (29) so I took lots of shots of him.

Marge Brown and Jim Tuzzeo.

Ron Pezzote and, oh-oh, there's Jamie Shoemaker.

And here's a short video of Jamie doing his thing:

Bob Baer.

For some reason I don't have a still shot of NBCC Ambassador Charlie Koenig, but I do have this video of him singing the EEFAMS song (kids, don't try this at home):

Chamber Executive Director Terry Grillo and board member Mike Leggett.

A closeup of Terry.

Todd Godbey (showing off his shirt) and Tricia Delp.

Tony Vlach and Kerry Kasotsky.

After the cut!
Welcome, Tricia and Fred, great to have you in the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce!