Being Bruce -: BNI Business Attractors - Meeting 3/10/10

Thursday, March 11, 2010

BNI Business Attractors - Meeting 3/10/10

This week's BNI Business Attractors meeting was a lot of fun.

Guest and prospective member Roxanne Shurcliff of Mona Vie extolled the virtues of that product

Guest of London Williamson of Easter Seals UCP was a substitute for member Scott Schmidt of Carolina Creations, Inc.

Bookkeeper Terri Andress (who also keeps the books for the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce) was substituting for Vice President Ken Schiess of HdVest.

Member Mimi Kronkowski from AFLAC didn't duck her 10-minute presentation duties but gave us the lowdown on some new AFLAC products.

We meet every Wednesday at 8AM at Antonio's in Leland, NC. The coffee's free and guests are always welcome.