Being Bruce -: Will ebooks Kill Printed Books?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Will ebooks Kill Printed Books?

Are print books dead?

This past weekend at Bob "Bob the Teacher" Jenkins SIMPLE program in Wilmington, NC I meet a very impressive woman. Felicia Slattery went to college on a public-speaking scholarship and has made speaking and effective communications her life work.

Felicia has written a pretty cool book, which I bought with real (plastic)money. The title is CA$H in on Communication. This book is for home-based and small business owners and could be your essential guide to effective, inexpensive communications. I didn't find it on Amazon (yet, it just very recently came out), but you can contact Felicia at 630-554-0636 or

Anyway, to get to the point here, yesterday on Twitter Felicia (@feliciaslattery) sent a Tweet about a New York Times article of interest to anyone on any side of the book authoring and publishing business. Click the link in this sentence to see what the New York Times says about the business side of ebooks versus print.