Being Bruce -: American Red Cross - Cape Fear Chapter - NBCC Ribbon -Cutting

Thursday, March 25, 2010

American Red Cross - Cape Fear Chapter - NBCC Ribbon -Cutting

The Cape Fear Chapter of the American Red Cross recently joined the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce. Last week we held a ribbon cutting for them at the NBCC offices.

NBCC and Cape Fear Red Cross board member Peggy O'Leary with CFRC board chairman Phil Sharpe.

NBCC board members Mike Leggett (left) and Tony Vlach (right) with NBCC and CFRC board member Connie Reeves in the background.

Outgoing (in a couple of ways) NBCC Executive Director Terry Grillo with NBM magazine photographer Wendy Hunt (who's also an outgoing personality but not changing jobs!).

CFRC lineup: Executive Director Vicki LaBelle, board member Peggy O'Leary, Chairman Phil Sharpe, Community Relations and Event Coordinator Autum Mihm, and board member Connie Reeves.

New NBCC Executive Director Dana Fisher (actually, I guess on that day she was the incoming ED, but she's still an outgoing personality).

NBCC board members Tony Vlach, Peggy O'Leary, and George Murray (President) with ED Dana Fisher.

We had a gaggle of photographers present, so I took THEIR photo!

And yes, the ribbon was successfully cut!

Welcome to NBCC, CFRC! We're proud to have you with us.