Being Bruce -: Does Everyone Want to Author a Book?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Does Everyone Want to Author a Book?

As you know, I write. I write articles, blog posts, an email newsletter and books. Lately, because I've recently published one book and have three more due out any day now (wooohooo!), people who know me and people I meet ask me often how we got 31 Days to Networking Event Mastery published so quickly.

It turns out (and this may be no surprise to you, but it was to me), lots and lots of people, both business people and people who aren't in business have books in them they are driven, eager or at least interested in getting out.

When I attended Bob "Bob the Teacher" Jenkins SIMPLE program in Wilmington, NC last weekend there were lots of conversations about book publishing. Several in attendance already have books in print (some quite recently) and many others want to publish.

On of the attendees, Kristen Eckstein, owner of Imagine! Studios works with people who want to publish a book but need help with either a whole range of services from cover design to butt-kicking, with editing, development and physically registering and publishing 100% in your name included. Kristen will also provide services a la carte. You can contact Kristen at 336-510-9629 or

My publisher is Alfred Poor with Desktop Wings, Inc. Alfred is a (young) old friend who has written and published more books than I have fingers and toes and is now working with a select group of authors in what can best be described as joint ventures. Alfred is keeping this side of his business on the down/low (ooops) so it's best if he talks with you about it directly. Here's his super secret office phone number 215-453-9312 and private email:

I'm going to explore this topic and post about it occasionally in the next few months, but it's not going to become a business for me. I'll likely work out some kind of finders fee or affiliate deal with Kristen and Alfred and maybe other services I find, so there's that, but I'm only going to promote people I've met and with whom I've either had good first hand experience or who have been recommended by people I know. Two degrees of separation at most.

If you know of other great folks, companies or services (other than traditional book publishing houses, or vanity press) that you know totally rock, please send me their info at